MadHotBalletGALA2014-Wed.,June 11,2014@National Ballet Of Canada

By A.J.Lam
The National Ballet of Canada’s annual fundraising Mad Hot Ballet gala, at the modern Jack Diamond-designed Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts, left guests, including Kevin O’Leary of CBC’s “Dragons’ Den,” Barrick’s Peter Munk, and former National Ballet Principal Dancer Rex Harrington, Spellbound. Inspired by fairy tales, the gala evening was a magical celebration of the best of dance, involving performances by some of the National Ballet of Canada’s dancers before a bustling reception under the longest free-spanning glass staircase in the world behind the glass façade of the Isadore and Rosalie Sharp City Room.
Along with Artistic Director Karen Kain and new Executive Director Barry Hughson, Gala Co-Chairs Vanessa & Mark Mulroney are proud to announce that MAD HOT BALLET: Spellbound raised over $1 million to support The National Ballet of Canada’s fine artists, such as Principal Dancers, Xiao Nan Yu, Jillian Vanstone, Heather Ogden, Sonia Rodriguez, Greta Hodgkinson, and Guillaume Côté, as they perform at home and represent Canada and artistic excellence on the world stage.