TIFF2014 Nikki Beach @ Spoke Club, Sept 4 and 6

by Bill Kwan
photos by Bill Kwan and A.J. Lam

Nikki Beach, the posh event from Miami-Nice was in fine form for the #TIFF2014 kick off! The etiquette called for invited guest to dress in all white for the occasion! Well we all know that doesn’t hold true and the vast group of people packed the “private club” for the opening night!

For the short run during TIFF Sept 4th to Sept 7th, patrons can expect long line ups and another long wait times to head up to the rooftop! A tradition at Spoke club this could be their last year to play host of Nikki Beach! You never know who drops by to party it up til 4am during Tiff@Nikki Beach!