DX: Style + Substance Talk at Design Exchange (October 28, 2014)

by A.J. Lam

Inspired by Politics of Fashion | Fashion of Politics, held at the Design Exchange (DX), this rapid-fire presentation – where each speaker has approximately 20 slides (for 20 seconds each) – features trendsetters, tastemakers and creatives who discuss their fashion inspirations and favourite iconic styles and moments.

In six minutes and 40 seconds, presenters answered:

  1. What is style?
  2. How do they approach and apply style at work and at home?

This talk is hosted by the impeccably stylish interior designer, Tommy Smythe.

Speakers include:

Suzanne Boyd, editor-in-chief at Zoomer Magazine

Nolan Bryant, columnist at The Globe and Mail

Alex McLeod, artist

Stephen Wong and Kirk Pickersgill, co-founders of Greta Constantine

Jagmeet Singh, MPP Bramalea – Gore – Malton

Roslyn Griffith Hall, stylist

Susie Sheffman, fashion/creative director

Stefano Pujatti, architect

From supermodels, fashion icons, fashionistas, fashion photographers, and family influences to Canadian politics and cold climate architecture, this speed-dating of style and substance had it all.