Sei Mai Stata Sulla Luna? -Italian Contemporary Film Festival-Fri.,June 19th,2015

By A.J.Lam

The closing film of the 4th ICFF, Sei Mai Stata Sulla Luna?, directed by Paolo Genovese, was screened before an enthusiastic full house at the Bell Lightbox on June 19, 2015, after special awards were presented to Mischa Barton, with an Award of Honour, and to Andrea Iervolino with an Honour of Recognition Award as Ambassador of Italian Cinema.

The entertaining romantic comedy was Amore thrice over with several clever cinematic plot twists centering on the lead played by Liz Solari, as a fashionista turned farmhand after she inherits her family farmhouse.

She unexpectedly falls soiled-and-soaked head over high heels for her unlikely match. It’s a switch from her Milano-Parigi status-conscious life to the down-to-earth paesano life. Meanwhile, her assistant and also a newfound friend locate love after many trials and tribulations.