The Canada Party@TIFF2015@The Fifth(Sun.,Sept.13th,2015)

Photography by A.J.Lam

It was a 10pm on a Sunday night when The Canada Party was began at the newly renovated The Fifth. The line up went right around the block but likely it was moving quickly as the staff was swift in moving patrons into the event. Guest were brought up to the stage for a red carpet back drop and a lineup of paparazzi. There was a bevy of vendors on hand such as:Beau Brewery, Coffee Crisp and Tim Horton set up shop by the door to serve coffee and snacks named after movie characters. The D.J. and the hospitality by the organizers had the patrons dancing the night away. The event ended at 2a.m. with alot of happy faces departing The Fifth with a nice ‘Swag Bag’ What a fun TIFF event for a Sunday night that we didn’t expect. Well it off to rest up and get ready for Monday’s event or Day 6 of TIFF2015. A big thank you to Touchwood P.R. for the invite.