IMG Presents Toronto Fashion Week (TFW) Fall/Winter 2016 Collections Event@David Pecaut Square(March 14th-18th,2016)

By A.J.Lam

IMG is proud to present over 30 shows and events at Toronto Fashion Week (TFW) Fall/Winter 2016 Collections event.
Monday, March 14:
MIKHAEL KALE: Runway (6 p.m.)
PR: Tiffany Leung,, 647.889.9155
*The FW16 collection was meant to challenge the traditions of dress making and tailoring with the use of garment deconstruction, utilizing both hard and soft materials including aged denim, grades of leather, velvet, metal hardware, and vinyl.
Notable guests expected: Cheryl Hickey (ET Canada), Sylvia Mantella (Philanthropist), Neenyo (OVO Producer), Sholeh Fabbri (ET Canada), Ryan Hemsworth (Producer), Jeanne Beker, Roy Woods (Artist), Cailli & Sam Beckerman
Twitter: @mikhaelkale Instagram: @mikhaelkale
NARCES: Runway (7 p.m.)
PR: Karine Delage,, 416.876.3329
*The traditional Mandarin gown ‘Qi Pao’ inspired designer Nikki Wirthensohn for her FW16 collection, the silhouette, colour, texture, floral fabric design and more importantly the glamour it exudes. Jewel tones are brought in with a focus on the colour red. NARCES continues with its capsule Bridal Collection for FW16, designed as an alternative to a typical wedding gown.
Notable guests expected: Meghan Heffern (Good Witch), Jessi Cruickshank (Canada’s Smartest Person), Ana Golja (Degrassi: Next Class), Ainsley Kerr, Ann Pirvu (Remedy), Tara Spencer-Nairn (The Listener)
Twitter: @_narces Instagram: @_narces
Hashtags: #narces; #narcesdress
Christopher Paunil: Runway (8 p.m.)
PR: Sisi Berhe,, 647.973.8544
* Christopher Paunil is a contemporary womenswear and bridal brand. Paunil mixes unconventional with traditional fabrics, resulting in beautifully classic yet sophisticated and sexy gowns. He always starts the design process with the CP woman in mind: an inspired, modern-day hero who’s out saving the world… in diamonds of course.
Instagram: @christopherpaunil Twitter: @ChrisPaunil
Hashtag: #TCFW16
SID NEIGUM: Runway (9 p.m.)
Contact: Sisi Berhe,, 647.973.8544
*SID NEIGUM is a conceptual, interdisciplinary womenswear label merging the mathematical and the artisanal, the maximal and the minimal.
Twitter: @SidNeigum Instagram: @SidNeigum
Hashtag: #TCFW16
Tuesday, March 15:
LAMARQUE: Runway (3 p.m.)
PR: Shaun Marq,, 1.800.223.4914
* LAMARQUE is a Montreal-based fashion label specializing in leathers and shearling. The FW16 collection also has a strong focus on leather, silk, lace and wool.
Notable guests expected: Shohreh Aghdashloo (24, Grimm), Jonathan Keltz (Reign), Luke Bylik (Degrassi), Ana Golja (Degrassi: Next Class), Nathan Stobeski (@fashionweekNYC)
Twitter: @mylamarque Instagram: @mylamarque
ELLIE MAE: Runway (4 p.m.).
PR: Lisa Kwong,, 647.973.9882
*Ellie Mae’s FW16 collection is inspired by the rock n’ roll roots her creativity is planted in. The colours are bold, brave and rich. The materials are luxurious, full and textured. The jackets are edgy yet refined to form the perfect silhouette. These aren’t just jackets, they are self-expression channels for the lovers of creativity.
Notable guests expected: Kai (Singer), Melissa Grelo (The Social), Erica Wark (The Social), Tanya Kim (BT Toronto)
Twitter: @elliemaestudios Instagram: @elliemaestudios
Hashtag: #TCFW16
SELECT: Runway (5 p.m.)
PR: Kelvin Li,; 1.800.223.4914
* The Select group runway show by agence select brings together four emerging Canadian fashion designers: House of Knot, Candace Daniela, Vandal and Neya Couture, to present looks from their FW16 collections.
Notable guests expected: Ana Golja (Degrassi: Next Class), Shohreh Aghdashloo (24, Grimm), Jonathan Keltz (Reign), Luke Bylik (Degrassi)
Twitter: @agence_select Instagram: @agenceselect
Hashtag: #SELECTFW16
PR: Michael Meneghetti,, 780.690.7010
* The Malorie Urbanovitch FW16 collection is inspired by Northern Winter’s effect on the elements and 1980s Industrialism. The collection will be available nationally at Simons in September 2016, including their new Toronto store.
Twitter: @MUrbanovitch Instagram: @MalorieUrbanovitchrtw
Hashtag: #MaloriesGirls
WRKDEPT Presentation: Fashion Environment (6:30 p.m.)
PR: Andy Long Hoang,
*For the FW16 collection, themed “Bed and Breakfast,” WRKDEPT transforms its house basics into wool essentials, offering a variety of casual oversize tunics, hoodies and trousers. This season also marks the brand’s induction into tailoring, introducing five spectacularly tailored coats, each with unique features.
Twitter: @WRKDEPT Instagram: @WRKDEPT
Hashtags: #WRKDEPT, #WRKDEPTFW16, #bedandbreakfast
BUSTLE: Runway (7 p.m.)
Contact: Sarah Clancy,
Twitter: @shawnhewson Instagram: @bustleclothing
S Ø S K E N Studios: Runway (8 p.m.)
PR: Amanda Gun-Munro,, 647.969.6413
*S Ø S K E N studios is helmed by Marisa Minicucci, one of Canada’s premier fashion designers with more than 30 years of experience. Minicucci is redefining women’s outerwear by offering polished, timeless pieces that reflect strength and a discriminating style.
Notable guests expected: Natalie Krill (Below Her Mouth), Suresh John (Mr. D), Samantha Gracie (Mr. D), Glen Baxter
Twitter: @SoskenStudios Instagram: @Soskenstudios
Hashtag: #soskenFW16
Mercedes-Benz Start Up presents: UNTTLD: Runway (9 p.m.)
PR: Meredith Gillies,, 416.627.9923
*Mercedes-Benz Start Up Awarded Designer UNTTLD was inspired by the eclectic “personages” found in a royal court during the Renaissance era for their FW16 collection. Mercedes-Benz Start Up is an ongoing initiative that provides a national platform to discover and support Canadian fashion designers.
Notable guests expected: Amanda Brugel (Orphan Black), Brad Smith (Chopped Canada), Danielle Bryk (A Bryk At A Time), Rachael Ancheril (Rookie Blue), Cara Gee (Strange Empire)
Twitter: @MBStartUp Instagram: @UNTTLD_official, @MBStartUp
Hashtag: #MBSU
Wednesday, March 16:
TFI Press & Buyer Brunch: Runway, invite only (11 a.m.)
PR: Adrien Reynolds,
* The longstanding Toronto Fashion Incubator’s (TFI) Press & Buyers Brunch, an industry-favourite for discovering new blood in Canadian fashion, returns for another remarkable season. At this boutique-style tradeshow, a curated group of fresh apparel and accessory designers will reveal their SS16 collections, with the top three FASHION YOUR FUTURE designers debuting striking accessory collections.
Twitter: @TorontoFashion Hashtag: #TFIPBB
MONDOR: Runway (4 p.m.)
PR: Emanuela Lolli,, 514.659.4887
*Mondor, a key Canadian player in the fashion industry since 1955, is celebrating its 60th anniversary. With a renewed image, Mondor will surprise guests with its unique, sleek and trendy offering of modern and elegant tights and leggings.
Twitter: @mondorstyle Instagram: @mondor1955
Hashtag: #MondorTFW
PR: Sisi Berhe,, 647.973.8544
* Jennifer Torosian is a women’s ready-to-wear brand built on the principles of utility, luxury and ease. The label is known for its sport-luxe aesthetic, focused on technical fabrics and streamlined silhouettes. An exceptional blend of style, function and unexpected detail is showcased in each collection.
Twitter: @jenntorosian Instagram: @jennifertorosian
Hashtag: #TCFW16
HELDER DIEGO: (6 p.m.)
PR: Sisi Berhe,, 647.973.8544
*HELDER DIEGO is a Toronto-based lifestyle brand that encapsulates the wardrobe of a cutting edge contemporary woman. Collections range from fashion-forward intricately cut separates to fluid dresses and cutting edge leather garments.
Twitter: @HELDERDIEGO Instagram: @helderdiego_official
Hashtag: #TCFW16
HILARY MACMILLAN: Runway (7 p.m.)
PR: Gail McInnes,, 647.283.1931
*This season re-introduces Hilary MacMillan as a cruelty-free, animal-friendly line; the brand will no longer use leather, furs, exotic skins, or feathers to create its clothing. With love as the focus of this collection the designer incorporates a unique print featuring a watercolour lip print produced in various fabrications and pink tones.
Notable guests expected: Meghan Heffer​n (Good Witch), Ann Pirvu (The Masked Saint), Clara Paseika (Reign), Glen Baxter, Erica Wark (The Social), Peter Papapetrou (The Marilyn Dennis Show), Veronica Chail (journalist)
Twitter: @HilaryMacMillan Instagram: @HilaryMacMillan
Hashtag: #hilarymacmillan
DAVID DIXON: Runway (8 p.m.)
PR: Karine Delage,, 416.876.3329
* David Dixon presents Sisters, The Gene collection that explores the strength, power and sensitivity of the women that surround him in body and in spirit.
Twitter: @daviddixoninc Instagram: @daviddixondesigns
MACKAGE: Offsite, invite-only (9 p.m.)
PR: Gigi Rabnett,, 416.988.8239
*Themed Winter Warriors, Mackage’s FW16 collection compiled of womenswear, menswear and accessories will showcase tailored cuts and leather detailing. Paired with new styles and silhouettes, the collection is inspired by the idea of a fashion-forward urban metropolis overrun by a winter superstorm and features Mackage’s trademarked oversized collars, colourful fur, and wool vests meant for layering.
Notable guests expected: Susur Lee (celebrity Chef), Ashleigh Rains (My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2), Brad Smith (Chopped Canada), Ana Golja (Degrassi: Next Class)
Twitter: @Mackage Instagram: @HouseOfMackage
Hashtag: #MackageFW16
Thursday, March 17:
TFI Press & Buyer Brunch: Runway, invite only (11 a.m.)
PR: Adrien Reynolds,
*The longstanding Toronto Fashion Incubator’s (TFI) Press & Buyers Brunch, an industry-favourite for discovering new blood in Canadian fashion, returns for another remarkable season. At this boutique-style tradeshow, a curated group of fresh apparel and accessory designers will reveal their SS16 collections, with the top three FASHION YOUR FUTURE designers debuting striking accessory collections.
Twitter: @TorontoFashion Hashtag: #TFIPBB
PR: Sisi Berhe,, 647.973.8544
*The design team that makes up Daniel Christian Tang is one with an eclectic mix of disciplines that ranges from biochemistry and architecture to material sciences and art.
Twitter: @DCT3D Instagram: @danielchristiantang
Hashtag: #TCFW16
TRIARCHY: (6 p.m.)
PR: Sisi Berhe,, 647.973.8544
*For the FW16 collection TRIARCHY explored textile mills all over the world to find new materials and old deconstruction techniques that add elements of luxury to the denim they love so much, resutling in their new brand Atelier Denim.
Twitter: @TriarchyDenim Instagram: @triarchy
Hashtag: #TCFW16
FARLEY CHATTO: Runway (7 p.m.)
PR: Debora Marques,, 416.535.3939
*Veteran Canadian designer Farley Chatto brings a tale of myth of love and justice to the runway with Sylphide, a collection inspired by the gracefulness of the Scottish themed ballet and verdant time crossing of Outlander. Sylphide features luxurious NAFA furs, fine cashmeres, woolen plaids and French laces.
Notable guests expected: Tyler Shaw (musician), John Suresh (Mr. D), and Andrea Godin (Musician)
Twitter: @FarleyChatto Hashtags: #Sylphide17, #Furstastic
HAYLEY ELSAESSER: Runway (8 p.m.)
PR: Zoe Miller,
*The Hayley Elsaesser FW16 collection Gutter Ball presents a range of clever cuts and high-octane prints, demonstrative of the intricate and dynamic caliber of Elsaesser’s brilliant and fun loving aesthetic that has captured a global fan base. A sartorial imagining of pop culture, this season’s bold prints pay homage to the kitsch innocence of yesteryear and are equal parts sweet and striking.
Twitter: @hayleyelsaesser Instagram: @hayleyelsaesser
Hashtags: #hayleyelsaesser, #gutterball
RUDSAK: Runway (9 p.m.)
PR: Cait Maclachlan,, 416.371.1744
*The FW16 line continues RUDSAK’s legacy of creating edgy, elegant fashions for urban trendsetters seeking something unique. The collection integrates iconography from medieval sagas, drawing on the imagery of heroic legends and Nordic folklore to bring something fierce to this season’s styles. Weaving together different textures of leather and fur, the line exerts an animal magnetism, the lure of primitive beauty.
Notable guests expected: Winnie Harlow (model), Martine Forget (Hockey Wives), Mia Martina (musician), Dufour-Lapointe sisters (Olympians), Ana Golja (Degrassi), The Darcys (band), Tyler Shaw (Musician)
Twitter: @RUDSAK Instagram: @RUDSAK
Hashtag: #RUDSAKFW16
Friday, March 18:
PAOLA GAMERO: Runway (4 p.m.)
PR: Sandra Rodriguez,, 1.604.401.4260
*The Mezzanotte FW16 collection was inspired by the Italian midnight. With very feminine and romantic designs, the collection features handmade embroidery,laces and silks; and elements inspired by Gamero’s experiences in Milano.
Twitter: @pgamerodesigner Instagram: @paolagamero
Hashtag: #GFW16
MARAM: Runway (5 p.m.)
PR: Sisi Berhe,, 647.973.8544
*Constantly delving into mythical worlds found in theoretical research, Maram’s rare approach creates a compelling story behind each piece. The MARAM woman is daring, refined and dignified.
Twitter: @MaramStudio Instagram: @maram.official
Hashtag: #TCFW16
PICADILLY: Runway (6 p.m.)
PR: Emily Ward,, 416.433,7494
* PICADILLY is proud to be celebrating its 40th year with its debut show at Toronto Fashion Week. PICADILLY will be showcasing its FW16 line featuring collaborations by Canadian designers David Dixon, Joeffer Caoc and Franciska Veress. Show is produced by Anna Nenoiu and styled by Zeina Esmail.
Notable guests expected: Janette Ewen (Inside the Box), Lauren Hammersley (Mr. D), Suresh John (Mr. D), Laura Brown (CBC Radio 2)
Twitter: @PicadillyCanada Instagram: @PicadillyCanada
Hashtag: #PicadillyCanada
DI CARLO COUTURE Presentation: Fashion Environment (6:30 p.m.)
PR: Jennifer Ruvo,, 514.862.6764
*Montreal-based designer Antoinette Di Carlo will debut her FW16 haute couture bridal and evening wear at Toronto Fashion Week. The collection evokes glamour, class and sophistication.
Twitter: @dicarlocouture Instagram: @dicarlocouture
Hashtag: #DiCarloCouture
CARAS, STEPHAN CARAS: Runway (7 p.m.)
PR: Michelle Easton,, 416.454.9060
*For the CARAS, Stephan Caras FW16 collection, father-son design duo Stephan and Kyriako Caras were inspired by the seduction, drama and sparkle of the night. Expect gowns, cocktail dresses, evening wear and jumpsuits featuring daring cut outs, plunging neck lines, asymmetric treatments, as well as criss-cross and knotting strap details.
Notable guests expected: Meghan Heffern (Good Witch), Gia Sandhu (The Girlfriend Experience), Ashleigh Rains (My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2), Brad Smith (Chopped Canada), Ana Golja (Degrassi: Next Class), Amanda Brugel (Orphan Black), Cara Gee (Strange Empire)
Twitter: @StephanCaras Instagram: @StephanCaras
Hashtag: #StephanCaras
GRETA CONSTANTINE: Runway (8 p.m.)
PR: Ashley MacIntyre,,
*With the brand’s 10 year anniversary in sight, Canadian ready-to-wear label Greta Constantine turns its focus to the city where it all began. Having premiered the FW16 collection during Paris Fashion Week, designers Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong prepare to celebrate their homecoming by showcasing a broader offering, a retrospective of sorts.
Twitter: @GretConstantine Instagram: @GretaConstantine
Hashtags: #GretaConstantineIs10, #GCis10
Toronto Fashion Week is made possible by the following sponsors: Maybelline New York, Mercedes-Benz Canada, Redken 5th Avenue NYC, DHL, Rowenta Garment Care, Swarovski, Juicy Couture, NeoStrata®, Metro, CF Toronto Eaton Centre, CF Sherway Gardens, Grey Goose, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, KRUPS Coffee, Perrier, and The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto.
Toronto Fashion Week is an IMG event.

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