12 Trees: “Good for the Earth”Preview@Gardiner Museum(Thurs., Nov.17th,2016)

By A.J.Lam and BK on the SCENE

We were invited to a special VIP preview and tree unveiling with the artists on Thursday, November 17, at the Gardiner Museum for 12 Trees!
The Museum’s annual 12 Trees exhibition was transformed by contemporary artists and designers who reinterpreted the traditional Christmas tree. In 2016, the Museum presents a new crop of original trees, inspired by the theme “Good for the Earth”, and curated by internationally-renowned artist and environmentalist, David Buckland.

The installations, made from natural, recycled, sustainable materials, include a tower of terracotta planting pots, a tree made from deconstructed cotton dress shirts, a repurposed wood canoe, and a dreamlike video that takes viewers on a journey through the forest at night. The works draw attention to environmental themes ranging from the commercialization of water to the dwindling bee population.

For tickets to the G Party : 12 Trees: Good for the Earth:
We would like to thank Rachel Weiner, Communications Coordinator, Gardiner Museum for the invitation to this event.

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