FÊTE CHINOISE 2016 @Shangri-La (Sat. Nov.19th, 2016)

By A.J.Lam and BK on the SCENE

Fête Chinoise is a modern Chinese celebration through an artistic experience. This exhibition explores the way people approach tradition in weddings, birthdays, social gatherings, and events, which all play significant roles in our personal lives.

Invited artists and designers use their creative imagination, without boundaries, to create what modern Chinese celebrations can look like when they incorporate century-old traditions into a fashion-forward and sophisticated society. In the beautiful Shangri-La within a series of 9 spaces, guests enjoyed curated food and beverage pairings, delicately seasoned with nostalgic music, as they walk through a gallery-styled and interactive experience.

The experience allows the audience interested in the Chinese culture to experience and learn about Asian-inspired hospitality, beauty, fashion, and art. Fête Chinoise gives guests an opportunity to engage their cultural roots or experience something new.
100% of the ticket sales is donated to two important foundations: the MON SHEONG FOUNDATION, a Chinese-Canadian charity supporting community wellness and cultural heritage, and ORBIS CANADA, enabling eye surgeries for children who desperately need the support.
We would like to thank Deborah Lau-Yu, Principal&Art Director of PALETTERA for the invitation to this event.

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