November 22


By A.J.Lam

The annual 12 Trees Gala, celebrating the artistic luminance of light with the theme of Let There Be Light, raised $120,000 for the Gardiner Museum’s mission to support creativity and healing through clay education and therapeutic art programs, with a sold-out soirée on a wintry autumn evening at the Gardiner Museum, which celebrates the art of clay creations of cultures from around the world.

The 300 art aficionados enjoyed fanciful food by the Food Dudes, delicious Rodney’s oysters, sensational Southbrook wines, a scintillating LED hula hoop Spin Starlets performance, accompanied by a rousing electric violin performance by Sarah Davidson-Gurney, with more music via DJ medicineman.


The artfully-attired guests were first greeted by a neon-lit 42-foot white spruce decorated by Nordstrom and donated buy Forests Ontario and Ontario Wood, before interacting with the Nordstrom-sponsored special exhibition of 12 uniquely-lit holiday tree creations designed by talented local artists, including; Evan Biddell, Jordan Söderberg Mills, Jon Sasaki, and Alex McLeod, all creatively curated by author and visual artist Douglas Coupland and Ben Mills of Public Art Management.

Premium experiences, ranging from a trip to Paris courtesy of Delta Air Lines, to a Blue Ribbon Apple Pie Baking class with Chef Donna Doomer of Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, all made available to bidders on the silent auction.

We thank Rachel Weiner of the Gardiner Museum for her gracious hospitality.