February 08

Leigh Steinberg’s 31st Annual Super Bowl Party @ Minneapolis, Saturday, February 3, 2018

By Kimberly Samnang and Images By A.J.Lam
The Leigh Steinberg Annual Super Bowl Party was an extravagant get-together of some of the Nation’s most influential people.
With thousands of high-profile guests, from NFL owners and athletes to celebrities, politicians, corporate CEOs, entrepreneurs, and media personalities,it proved to be one of the single greatest networking opportunities available in the professional world.


Some highlights included:
Major Corporate Executives and NFL Sponsors
Private, invitation-only gathering
Afternoon party the day before the Super Bowl for maximum exposure and marketing opportunities
Brand impressions to include 5,000 guests (2017): media, corporate, entertainment & sports influencers, High-profile celebrities
Exhibits, studies & featured technology centered around football
Live-satellite hookups between soldiers in the field and partygoers
Steinberg DeNicola Humanitarian Awards
Interaction with 2018 Steinberg NFL Draft Class and veteran NFL clients


About Leigh Steinberg:
One of the most influential figures in professional sports.
Shadowed by Cameron Crowe for 18 months in the making of the movie Jerry Maguire.
Agent for the very first pick in the NFL Draft a record eight times.


Career achievements include having represented 62 first round NFL draft picks, 150 Pro Bowl players.
Steinberg has represented over 500 professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLB, golf, boxing, Olympic sports and more.
He is a humanitarian that encourages community work through action, and has helped raised over $800 million for charities worldwide.





We would like to thank Jay Joshi and Charles Upchurch for the invitation to this event.