May 01

THE 25th ANNUAL HOT DOCS FILM FESTIVAL-World Premiere of TURNING TABLES featuring Joshua DePerry, aka Classic Roots

By A.J.Lam, including material from
TURNING TABLES featuring Joshua DePerry, aka Classic Roots @ Hot Docs Film Festival.
The 25th Canadian International Documentary Festival, aka Hot Docs Film Festival, was proud to screen the world premiere of TURNING TABLES, directed by Chrisann Hessing and produced by Tanya Hoshi, a short documentary featuring the inspirational story of Joshua DePerry, aka Classic Roots, a powwow techno pioneer who like the Hot Docs Film Festival arose from humble roots to national acclaim.
“TURNING TABLES is a story of an Indigenous artist whose resilience, passion and faith are a positive reminder that it is possible to look to the future without losing sight of the past.”
From his childhood in the Anishinaabe First Nations community near Thunder Bay, Ontario, Joshua DePerry, known as a colourful “fancy dancer,” with his colourful traditional red, blue, yellow and white costume, in his own indigenous community, has successfully integrated traditional indigenous sounds with modern techno and house music, to create unique powwow techno. Known as Classic Roots, an up and coming music producer and DJ in urban Toronto, the award winning music artist has his sights on eventually conquering the world techno capital of Berlin, Germany.
Joshua DePerry, aka Classic Roots, is a rare inspirational vibrant role model for indigenous youth who have many obstacles in life. His life has encouraged creativity, strength, resilience, self-confidence, and hope in indigenous youth.
“In celebration of its World Premiere, TURNING TABLES held an exclusive After Party on May 5 at One Loft Lounge, featuring live performances by Classic Roots, DNA Stage, Natasha Fisher, Badlook and Sam Louis. The event is a fundraiser event for the TURNING TABLES Tour, a community-building initiative designed to inspire creative confidence, encourage self-expression and create a positive environment for Indigenous youth living on reserve. Through film screenings, music and dance workshops, the tour aims to connect Indigenous youth with positive role models like Classic Roots, to encourage them to find healing and purpose through the arts. The tour is a partnership with We Matter, a campaign committed to Indigenous youth empowerment, hope and life promotion.”
We would like to thank Ashley Belmer for the opportunity to review TURNING TABLE.