June 25

JOE CARTER CLASSIC 2018 @Rogers Centre &Ritz Carleton – June 19th-21st, 2018

By Kimberly Samnang(Host) A.J.Lam(Photography),
Savvy Beda(VIdeographer) and BK on the SCENE

The annual Joe Carter Classic charity golf tournament paired avid golfers with top name celebrities from the worlds of sport and entertainment. Joe Carter, 5-time Baseball All-Star and former Toronto Blue Jay, also  joined the participants for two days on the links. 

Some of the celebrities in attendance were former NHL, NFL, MLB, PGA players, and Sports Analysts to name a few. There were lots of excitement over Ronnie Lott, Jerome Bettis, Grant Fuhr, Mike Krushelnyski, Blair O’Neil, McKenzie O’Connell and Seema Sadakar. 



The Joe Carter Classic Celebrity Golf Tournament closed the three-day charity event with a celebration at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Toronto.

Hosts Jeremy Piven (Entourage) and Johnny Gill (New Edition), brought the house down introducing performers: Wyclef Jean (the headliner), Maestro Fresh Wes, Kardinal Offishall and Ivana Santili (opening acts). 

Over the last nine years, the Joe Carter Classic Golf Tournament has raised over $2.5 million benefiting the Children’s Aid Foundation’s Joe Carter Family Support Fund and the Joe Carter Scholarship Endowment Fund, along with other local children’s charities.



Grant Fuhr: Q & A with Canadian former ice hockey goaltender in the National Hockey League and former goaltending coach for the Arizona Coyotes. In 2003, he was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.
What is the most memorable Stanley Cup that you’ve ever won?
The first one is probably the most special but they are all special in their own way.
How many Stanley Cups have you won?
What would you say is the biggest difference between all the Stanley Cups you’ve won?

The biggest difference is there are different guys on each team so you go through different trials and tribulations throughout the course of the year and each one has worked out on it’s own; they’re all different but they’re all the same.

What have you been doing in retirement?

We run around and do charity events. We travel about 180 days of the year, formerly all over the country, now it’s all over the world to do charity events to raise money.

Sterling Sharpe: Q & A with former American football wide receiver and analyst for the NFL Network. Played from 1988 to 1994 with the Green Bay Packers
I think I ran into you in Minneapolis for Superbowl 52 at one of the galas.
It was likely the Mike Ditka and Ron Jaworski Cigars with the Stars gala.
I go every single year – how much fun is that event?
That’s a lot of fun as Mike Ditka and Ron Jaworski have been good friends of mine for a long time. I got to play against Mike when he was head coach with the Chicago Bears so it’s always good to get back and smoke some cigars and catch up with those guys and see how they’re doing.
Do you actually smoke the cigars yourself?
Absolutely! I was actually looking to see if I could smoke one here but apparently that’s frowned upon so I’m gonna have to wait until I get back to the hotel.
Apparently, MLB rules ban cigar smoking…
I don’t play in the MLB so I don’t think the rules should apply.
As a former Green Bay Packers Player, how do you think they’re gonna do this year?

First and foremost, when you’re a Green Bay Packers, you’re not a former anything, you’re always a Green Bay Packer for life, you’re always a Green Bay Packer and that’s what I love about playing with them. I feel about them like I do the New England Patriots, as long as they have Aaron Rodgers they’ve got a chance to do some very special things and I know he doesn’t play defense but he’s been at his craft long enough, he’s very professional, he has a great understanding of what’s going on in the National Football League and as long as you have him, they not only have a chance to win their division and get into the playoffs but they can make a run at the Super Bowl.

As an Analyst and Pro Football Player, who were some of your influencers?
When I got into TV, of course Tom Jackson because he was one of those guys that you knew where he came from, he said things with conviction, you knew he was prepared, he actually taught me how to do television which I enjoy. I enjoyed Chris Mortensen and the work he put in. Joe Theismann and those guys did a good job of training me to be able to talk about NFL with teams other than my Green Bay Packers. And when I look at players, there wasn’t a lot of players I’d modeled my game after, I kind of stole a little bit from everyone. I tried to steal as much as I could from Jerry Rice. Tim Brown and I came out in the same draft and I loved his quickness. Fred Barnett in Philadelphia. Irving Fryar when he was in Miami. There were a bunch of guys I tried to steal a little piece of their game and add to mine. I liked my game when I came into the league but in order to have longevity and be able to produce week in and week out, you have to steal or borrow from other people and I tried to do that.


Any predictions for this year in Atlanta?

Now that they have their offensive coordinator, they know what direction they’re going in, I think Steve Sarkisian has a really good handle on what Matt Ryan brings to the table and who they are, I think they understand better who they are now after the Super Bowl run, they kinda got over that hangover. They’ll definitely have a chance to win their division. It’s always tough being in a division with Drew Brees and Cam Newton. Cam with a new offensive coordinator, they’re gonna be able to deal with. Matt Ryan’s is one of those guys, he throws it. When you talk about the National Football League, you can show me 1000 yard rushers and 1500 yard rushers but you’ve gotta have a quarterback that can throw it and not many throw it better than Matt Ryan.

Janna Webb: Q & A with The Real Housewives of Toronto
Are you still teaching yoga at your studio Joga?
I teach about 1x month and we donate money to a specific charity. I’m usually on the road so it’s hard for me to get there but when I’m here I’m there.
Real Housewives of Toronto, Joga, I had the pleasure to interview Roxy Earle last summer, is there an update with Season 2 of RHOT?
So we’re not doing a Season 2, I’m allowed to say that right now but we’ve all got some different things in the works and the best thing about that show is that it gave us a platform and opportunity for me to promote my brand, to grow what it was already as it was growing organically and to be able to work with all the other women now and do amazing things for charity. We really do love that piece of it and we do have a voice so we have to be diligent and have good intentions behind that.
It was great to see Real Housewives of Toronto put on the map competing with Vancouver, Atlanta, New York..

Yes and it was sooo good for the city!



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