October 02

Friday Night Live – Fashionology @ ROM (Fri., Sept., 28th, 2018)

By A.J.Lam
Friday Night Live- are the Friday night parties presented by the ROM to showcase different themes of its glorious galleries and exciting exhibitions, allowing party-goers to enjoy the music of top DJs, bands and live artists, and to explore its delightful displays with the opportunity to purchase fabulous food and drinks.
Fashionology showcased Iris van Herpen:  Transforming Fashion, with a wondrous look beyond fashion with an exploration of  the endless possibilities that come from interweaving design, art, and technology.  Indeed, her fashion can be viewed as fashion impossible made possible.

The exhibition explores the extraordinary designs of Dutch couturier, Iris van Herpen, through her 2008-2015 collections that expands the boundaries of the world of traditional fashion and craftsmanship.

Complimenting the fashion of Iris van Herpen: Transforming Fashion is the immersive installation Philip Beesley: Transforming Space. Together, they take you on a exciting exploration into the limitless possibilities of design, fashion, technology and the world around us.

#MeToo and the Arts is the timely exhibit on the ongoing #MeToo movement, especially with the current Kavanaugh controversy.  With the hope that continuing the conversation and dialogue about the pervasiveness of unwanted and criminal sexual behaviour, it is hoped that one day soon, the problem would no longer exist in the art world and the world in general.

“Museums today are struggling with what to do when artists represented in their galleries are accused of sexual harassment or when artworks in their collections are viewed as problematic.

#MeToo & the Arts offers audiences a series of public engagements that explore the intersection of #MeToo and the arts, with a focus on museums. Prompted by the ROM’s upcoming presentation of Modernism on the Ganges: Raghubir Singh Photographs, and an allegation of sexual misconduct made against the deceased artist, #MeToo & the Arts seeks to encourage a larger conversation about how museums, and the public, are engaging with art within the context of the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements.

Located at the entrance to the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal in the Thorsell Spirit House and open free to the public, the display examines how museums are engaging with issues raised since October 2017 when the #MeToo movement gained momentum in the wake of allegations made against a number of powerful men in the film industry. The display invites audiences to learn, reflect and consider their own questions and answers on the issues.

We would like to thank Josslyn Johnstone
ROM Communications for the invitation to this event.