Nuit Blanche 2018 Media Preview (Fri. Sep 28) & Nuit Blanche 2018 (Sep. 29-30)

by A.J. Lam.
On Friday, September 28, media were invited to Scarborough Town Centre to preview the 2018 Nuit Blanche Toronto, its 13th edition, with its first ever expansion beyond central Toronto to include art installations in Scarborough.

Media were greeted by Glenn de Baeremaeker, Councillor for Ward 38/Deputy Mayor East,  and Nuit Blanche Toronto artists Randell Adjei, Reaching Intelligent Souls Everywhere (RISE), Máximo González and eL Seed, and curator Alyssa Fearon at the special preview of Nuit Blanche in Scarborough. A spoken word performance by Randell Adjei (RISE) was followed by live music by Indigenous two-spirit singer and songwriter, Aqua Nibii Waawaaskone.

The artists scheduled to be present for the special preview were for the following artworks: “Walk Among Worlds” by Máximo González, “Mirrors of Babel” by eL Seed, “Cavalier Noir” by Ekow Nimako and Director X, and “Everything I Wanted to Tell You” by Hiba Abdullah.


Nuit Blanche Toronto is the city’s annual all-night celebration of contemporary art, produced by the City of Toronto in collaboration with Toronto’s arts community and funded by the Government of Ontario and Tourism Toronto. Since 2006, this award-winning event has featured almost 1,490 art installations by approximately 5,200 artists and has generated more than $355 million in economic impact for Toronto.

The new Toronto is a city of change. A city in progress. A city of endless personal, collective and cultural histories: of journeys and arrivals, of borders and crossings, of memory and history, of past and future, of centres and edges, of community and communities. This evolving and storied landscape continues to challenge our thinking of what Toronto is, provoking the following questions: What does difference mean when we are all different, if there is no “other”? Can our differences bind us together even as they set us apart? How do we rethink concepts of minorities and majorities? As relationships of power and privilege shift, how do we redefine the status quo and reconsider what it means to be together? At this moment in time, the artists and curators of Nuit Blanche 2018 invite you to join them to unfold, reinterpret, question, listen, disrupt and see through new eyes Toronto and our places in it. “You are here. Now.”