February 09

The Drake Hotel’s 15th Anniversary Event@The Drake Hotel-Thurs., Feb. Starting February 7,2019

Photography By A.J.Lam
It was a momentous occasion, The Drake Hotel hosted “Future Seekers”, the four-day birthday event  featured performances from some of the top up-and-coming artists, the relaunch of the popular Drake Underground, showcasing of new art exhibits, and a one-night-only dinner party where Drake chefs from past and present will showcase a special five-course dinner.
For a decade and a half, The Drake Hotel has been a neighbourhood hub that connects travellers, culture seekers, and food fanatics to the pulse of Toronto. The popular destination has had unforgettable concerts, art exhibitions, and community get-togethers. Affectionately referred to by locals as a “hotbed of culture,” the landmark West Queen West location has been universally recognized for its constant contribution to its community.

Founder and CEO, Jeff Stober opened the Drake Hotel on Valentine’s Day 2004 and although he believes his vision has come to relative fruition, there is a lot more room to grow.

15 years and still going strong, the Drake Hotel has served over 5 million guests. And it’s not just the music, arts, and community-driven activities that keep people coming back. The Drake and its other locations, like Drake One Fifty and Drake Commissary are offering some of the top local eats.

We would like to thank The Drake Hotel for their generosity and hospitality at the 15th Anniversary event.