March 30

SKYBALL – A CNIB FOUNDATION GALA @Artscape Wychwood Barns -Wed.,March 27th,2019

By A.J. Lam & BK on the SCENE
It was like being in a 007 movie , filled with a Casino , amazing Live jazz, and Martini signature drinks, but all for a great cause, a fundraiser for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind. CNIB presented its signature event ‘Skyball’ for 2019.
Guests were invited to Roll the dice to the sounds of Live Jazz with vodka/gin martinis—shaken not stirred, and to mingle with high-rollers and government officials over a few glasses of champagne.

It was all about the formal attire, such as black ties, tuxedo and elegant gowns, as guests dressed to impress with a license to kill and play the living daylights out of some fantastic table games.
All proceeds supported the CNIB Foundation, as philanthropists and the CNIB community members gathered at the Skyball Gala.

The CNIB Skyball Gala was a special evening filled with entertainment, where its guests could make donations, gamble for a great cause, try 007-styled drinks, take part in the auction and get a chance to win some amazing prizes.

The CNIB Foundation has served its community for 100 years and has been raising funds for the blind or partially sighted Canadians (an estimated $6 million) through innovative events and by generous supporters. The Skyball Gala was a great success and we look forward to their yearly gala in 2020.






We would like to thank James Tessier of Ireland and Hall for the invitation.