April 12

Canadian Singer/Songwriter December Rose Releases Musical #MeToo Manifesto

Canadian Singer/Songwriter December Rose Releases Musical #MeToo Manifesto

“Raise Your Voice” Reclaims Powerful Ground & Speaks to Unity

“The vocals are powerful” — Grotesqualizer
“Her voice is conviction” — Keep Walking Music

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Award-winning Canadian singer/songwriter December Rose has reclaimed powerful ground, releasing her musical #metoo manifesto “Raise Your Voice” — available now.

“There is power in unity,” the Montreal-based indie pop artist details, weaving tight #metoo’s societal shift with war-time footage featured in “Raise Your Voice.” The track has been featured to early playlist audiences of over 325,000 and received early support from CBC Montreal, Spotify, PopFy, and more. “The movement is creating massive changes in the entertainment industry and work places and society because women came together and stuck together in volumes to win this ‘war’ of sexual assault silence.

“This song has been a work-in-progress over the past three or four years,” she continues, recalling the origins of the empowering track. “Originally triggered by discouraging and frustrating experiences in the music industry, it evolved into what it is now after my own incident with sexual assault, and the open discussions with many friends and females who had been suffering in silence about their own.

“The more I learned and witnessed the suffering in various capacities of people I knew and loved, the more enraged I became. The entire video concept is, really, dedicated to those living with PTSD, afraid or ashamed of speaking up and sharing their stories. It’s for those who’ve lost loved ones in hate crimes and social injustices. It’s for the weak who need some motivation to get up and try again or keep moving forward in the face of adversity.

“It’s my way of breaking my silence and lending my voice for a message some may not be able to share.”

To use songwriting in such a way has always been natural for December Rose. The award-winning artist first attracted International attention in 2012 after winning the Best Solo Artist title in an online competition with her original song, “Don’t Give Up On Love.” After discovering her performance, Invitation Records’ Russ Regan, who previously launched the careers of Elton John, Barry White, Neil Diamond and Olivia Newton-John, signed her for a record deal. In 2015, her self-titled EP was released to broad critical acclaim; it included the single “Ball Game” which received a New Artist Spotlight award from Blastro.com, was featured on AOL/Slacker Radio’s “New Pop First” channel, on Tunecore’s “TC Video Fridays” and listed among “Retail Radio’s Top 40” list. In total, it was featured in 8,500 outlets.

December Rose’s voice and style have been compared to the best of Adele, Jessie J and Amy Winehouse. She has earned a music degree in classical voice performance and was awarded two silver medals from the Royal Conservatory of Music. In 2017, she won the 2017 Superfantastico Singing Contest, and that fall, her first co-written Italian single “Lo Specchio” debuted at Il Cantagiro Festival in Fiuggi, Italy, and was presented with the Best Original Song award in the International Category. In March 2018, she was selected to be a judge for the Canadian JUNO Awards, and capped off the year judging World Market’s singing contest promoting Jessie J’s holiday album.

As a testament to said talents, “Raise Your Voice” stands tall. While it may not circle the easiest of subject matter, December Rose’s skillful songwriting and mindfully crafted video provide the topic — and its audience and the artist herself — a sense of strength and solidarity.

“Heavy subjects such as these are never easy to talk about openly, but I really believe it’s an integral part of the healing process,” she shares. “It was for me. While together we can’t undo the past for those that have experienced horrid things, I’d like for this single to encourage victims and bystanders alike to speak up, speak out, seek support groups, therapy, etc. I’d like to give victims a little support to make their physical and mental health their first priority so that their past doesn’t steal their future. The making of the music video was very special for everyone involved; victims, and women knowing victims came together to share a sort of cathartic experience.”

“Raise Your Voice” is available now.

We would like to thank Eric Alper for the press release and artist profile.