GIRL UP@TIFF LIGHTBOX-Thurs.,June 6th,2019

By A.J.Lam
Human trafficking is an extreme human rights violation and from my view, a
global feminist issue. It’s the largest and most lucrative social injustice of our
time. And there are more people as slaves today than at any point in history.
Remember that there are various contributors that allow trafficking environments
to flourish from mental illness all the way to issues of globalization. But the good
news is, is that there are multiple entry points for us to create solutions and ways
we can act holistically.

Have these uncomfortable conversations, ask informed
questions, donate to organizations like BOOST that offer high quality, evidence-
based individualized long-term support and services, urge your local leaders to
increase systems that protect human rights, and bring full awareness to what’s
going on, so you can invest in people, your relationships and your community.
If you see something that gives you a guttural response, inform the police.
The Canadian national human trafficking hotline is: 1-833-900-1010, available 24
hours day. Please spread awareness.

On June 6, 2019, you, along with 45 individuals, helped to raise money and various in-kind donations of toiletries, and baby items for BOOST For Kids Human trafficking program and services. Thank you for doing good with us and for supporting the wonderful Shreya Patel’s latest documentary, Girl Up! Your continued support goes a long way. We hope you found the documentary and panel insightful, inspiring and informative.

Big thanks to our (delicious) sponsors for helping us fulfill our initiative: Panago Pizza, B.Good Canada, and The Toronto Popcorn Company. Special thanks to Rich Dax for his hospitality and to Kim and Rhonelle for their generosity and education.

Photos of the event, courtesy of Neda Ahmad and AJ Lam, can be found on official socials this week. @imshreyapatel @goodtobegoodfoundation

Thank you for being an integral part of the change in this world and for bringing the injustice of human trafficking to the foreground with us. Your contribution and participation are appreciated. Please continue to be loving and kind to one another as we continue our mission in ending human trafficking for all.

With kindness,

Char (Good To Be Good Foundation) & Shreya (Girl Up)


Girl Up is a documentary that sheds light in the world of human trafficking in Toronto. Directed by Shreya Patel (@imshreyapatel), the film is supported by and stars MPP Laurie Scott and Journalist Tamara Cherry.

Toronto International Film Festival connected the documentary to the Civic Action Summit which happens every 4 years. By invites only, hundreds of civic leaders come together to combat issues and come up with solutions for a change. Clips of the documentary were showcased to elected officials, senior business executives, and community advocates to start the conversation on how to combat human trafficking.