dance: made in canada / fait au canada @ Betty Oliphant Theatre (August 14-18, 2019)

by A.J. Lam – additional photos by Filmoption International and Jean-François Lord

Dance: Made in Canada / Fait au Canada Presents Fifth Anniversary Festival Featuring Electrifying Line-up of Cutting-edge Canadian Contemporary Dance  Biennial Dance Event Celebrates Milestone with Five World Premieres  and Eight Toronto Premieres from Some of Canada’s Leading Artists. 

“Louise Lecavalier – In Motion” – Photo courtesy of Filmoption International and cinematography by Jean-François Lord

Dance: Made in Canada / Fait au Canada Festival (d:mic/fac) proudly unveils a diverse program featuring the country’s most sought-after dancers and choreographers for its milestone fifth biennial edition on stage from August 14–18, 2019, at the Betty Oliphant Theatre.

Louise Lecavalier. Photo by Jean-François Lord

Living legend and 2019 Dance Hall of Fame inductee Louise Lecavalier will open this year’s festival with a special artist talk and screening of the recent documentary Louise Lecavalier – In Motion. Additionally, 13 artists and companies will be presented across three Mainstage programs — curated by Matjash Mrozewski, Lina Cruz, and Festival Director Yvonne Ng — coupled with a lottery-based platform titled “What You See Is What you Get” (WYSIWYG). An ancillary Arts Encounters program explores photography, media arts, and other creative expressions created by seven dance artists.  

“Our 2019 anniversary edition will be one of our most ambitious festivals to date with five world premieres and a thrilling selection of eight Toronto premieres,” says Ng, who oversees d:mic/fac alongside Festival Directors Jeff Morris and Janelle Rainville.

“This year’s program centres around impact, whether it is through a connection between two people or an unintended effect between colliding objects. The festival artists grapple with vacillating notions of power and social contracts, but also a keen sense of relation to our bodies and our emotions.

From the creative synergy of DA Hoskins and Danielle Baskerville to the formal aesthetics of Katia-Marie Germain’s work, the vast and varied presentations look to literature, fine art, urban culture, and personal experience to probe the boundaries of the contemporary human condition.”

Special thanks to Ella Batten of the Murray Paterson Marketing Group for the press release, photos and invitation to the festival opening and reception with the iconic dynamic Louise Lecavalier.