October 01

The 18th Annual Little World Music Festival With-Teto Preto@Revival Bar-Sun.,Sept.28th,2019

Photography By A.J.Lam & Wayne Baggs
At the Revival Bar as part of the 18th Annual Little World Music Festival, Teto Preto dished up a challenge to moral complacency. The music and performance of Teto Preto is a political tour de force soundtrack of Sao Paulo Brazil’s dystopian climate.

Teto Preto is a collaboration between Angela Carneosso (aka visual artist Laura Diaz), producers L cio and Zopelar, multi-instrumentalist Bica, and French performance artist Loic Koutana.

The group emerged from MambaRec a label offshoot of electronic nomadic underground event Mamba Negra. Artists such as this are on the front lines of a cultural war in a deeply religious country. Reminding us that our own freedoms are not that far removed from the revanchist forces of our own religious zealots.

The stage is overflowing with energy and emotion from the music and the performances. With fierce arrangements and energetic songs, the group builds an environment, which is full of revolt, mystery and passion. Much is from their latest LP “Pedra Preta” (2018). Considered one of the most relevant albums of the year by Brazilian and international music publications such as APCA, Crack Magazine, BeeHype and Azoofa.

Inundated by mainstream media will have most people thinking this is too far outside of the comfort zone. I just went with an open mind and walked away more the wiser. Taking a chance with live music always brings about some emotional reaction. With ongoing Small World Music events keep yourself posted and take a chance outside of the mainstream music box. http://smallworldmusic.com/https://www.revivalbar.com/

We would like to thank Jess Cimo Of Small World Music for the invitation to this event.