November 16


By A.J. Lam.
“From its historic campus in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Willowbank is pioneering an ecological approach to heritage conservation and renewal. Through the Willowbank School, which offers a Diploma in Heritage Conservation, and the Willowbank Centre, which promotes community engagement, we are developing an innovative way of thinking about the past, in order to create a more sustainable future.”

Willowbank is a unique innovative private teaching institution combining art, architecture and engineering to preserve the heritage of historical buildings. Its graduates have been instrumental around the world in preservation projects such as the flooding in Venice. Its students draw their inspiration from Willowbank’s historic home, which, at the moment, is in the process of undergoing its very own restoration.

“Willowbank is best known for the impressive Greek Revival mansion designed and built in the 1830s for Alexander and Hannah (Jarvis) Hamilton, by John Latshaw. However, the richness of the natural site runs much deeper. Indigenous peoples have recognized the importance of our ravine as a natural feature and as the logical starting point of a portage route around the Falls. The Willowbank site has evidence of encampment sites and the trading practices typical of an important crossroads, with significant artifacts dating back to the Archaic Period (9,000 BCE).

In 1834, the Hamiltons built their magnificent Greek Revival mansion set within a romantic picturesque landscape, creating a masterpiece of Upper Canadian Villa architecture.”

We would like to thank Rachel Weiner of the Gardiner Museum for the opportunity to be inspired by Willowbank in its second annual fundraising event at the Gardiner Museum.

We would also like to thank Patrick Devine/Devine Park LLP for the invitation to this event.