Artist Project Opening Party @ Better Living Centre on Thu. Feb. 20, 2020

by A.J. Lam

13th Annual Artist Project Continuing to Explore
a More Personal Experience with Art!

Toronto’s  2020 Artist  Project, from February  20th  to  23rd,  brought together  over  300  talented independent artists showcasing their work under one roof. Hosted at the Better Living Centre, the 13th annual art fair provides the unique opportunity to intimately connect  with artists, creating a more personal experience with art.

Attracting  collectors  and  curators,  gallerists,  designers,  art aficionados and first-time art buyers, Artist Project takes pride in creating an environment that ignites enriching conversations and connects art lovers with art makers. The shoppable gallery-style experience is  perfect  for discovering  your  art  aesthetic  and the extended  programming  includes  interactive  installations,  live artist competitions and informative, expert-led chats.

“Throughout time, art has been used as an influential tool to tell stories and we wanted to showcase this with our  returning  theme,  A  More Personalized  Experience  with Art,”  said  Emily-Jean  Alexander,  Director of  Artist Project.  “Artist Project allows  guests to experience art in  a diverse way, through interaction,  connection and conversation. It is the perfect setting for allowing yourself to fall in love with art.”  Exclusive to this year’s fair, Artist Project mounts Telegenic, a feature area in the heart of the fair bringing forward video and  VR  artwork.  Sponsored  by  EQ Bank,  Telegenic  allows guests to explore how artists are using technology to present their  own  narratives,  realities  and  perspectives. Other installations throughout the fair were also selected for their uses of multi-media technology.

The  four-day  art  fair  kicked  off  with its much anticipated and well-attended Opening  Night  Party celebrating the city’s art culture with music from LUXELIFE SOUND and food and beverages from some of Toronto’s best restaurants, caterers and breweries including Collective Arts Brewey, Tabule Middle Eastern, Walter Craft Caesar Mix, Kim Crawford Wines, and Supernova Ballroom, among others.

Additional highlights during the fair include:

Art Chats:
Presented  by  Yorkville  Village,  Art  Chats  is  Artist Project’s  series  of  talks  and  panel  discussions speaking to illuminating and trending topics in the art and design world through the lens of talented experts. A selection of special guests from a variety of sectors in the community share their knowledge with fresh perspectives and irreplaceable advice. Art Chats are complimentary with admission.

Art Walks:
The  fair’s  themed  guided  art  tours,  Art  Walks,  offer visitors  the opportunity  to  meet  artists,  learn  about their  inspirations  and  how they  create  their  pieces.

Untapped Emerging Artists Competition:
Presented by DeSerres, the Untapped Emerging Artists Competition is dedicated to supporting the development of students, new graduates and self-taught artists. The juried competition has awarded 20 emerging artists the opportunity to exhibit their work free of charge in this feature section of the fair. The program aims to provide a platform for young artists to launch their artwork and make connections within the world of contemporary art.

Art Battle:
Art Battle, a live competitive painting where artists will create their best work in three 20-minute rounds.As they paint, visitors can move around the platform to watch each artist create their masterpiece. Afterwards, the audience will be able to vote for their favourite painting and partake in a silent auction to purchase the pieces.   Art Lounge Mural in partnership with Yorkville Murals Yorkville Murals is proud to present the work of artist Whatisadam, who was included in the inaugural edition of their festival. Artists can win a chance to create a mural in the 2020 Yorkville Murals Festival in August, including an artist fee and materials!  

Furniture in the Art Lounge is generously provided by Stylegarage.


Star Collectors Program  The  Artist  Project  Star  Collectors  program  offers an  enhanced  fair experience  and  the  opportunity  to  support independent  emerging artists  all  while  building  your  art  collection.  By participating  in  the program, Star Collectors are committing to purchasing work from artists at the fair.

Star Collectors will receive the following:

  • $250 Artist Project 2020 gift certificate
  • Two Opening Night Party tickets with priority fair entry accompanied with two glasses of sparkling wine on arrival
  • Complimentary coat check
  • Two tickets to Art Toronto 2020  

Installations Artist Project presents seven installations created by artists such as Tonya Hart and Andre Baynes, that will change the way you experience the fair. While exploring, guests can meet with these installation artists and learn about a variety of captivating topics and current themes.    

Children’s Programming
Children who attend the Artist Project receive an activity page designed by artist Alyse Nicholson. They then may show their completed package to enter a draw for a DeSerres prize package