May 01

GO2Films documentary “High Maintenance”@HOT DOCS

By A.J.Lam

GO2Films documentary “High Maintenance” showcases the passion of renowned Israeli artist, Dani Karavan, UNESCO Artist of Peace, who has over 70 world-wide  environmental art installations in Axe Majeur, France,  Nuremburg, Germany, and other significant localesWith Nature is my boss” as his driving force and the belief that art and politics do belong together as he indignantly tells the director while bringing forth the supreme example of Picasso’s Guernica.

However, with his deteriorating health and the poor maintenance of his art installations, with many in disrepair,  he is growing frustrated.   In addition,  his planned Homage to the Polish Righteous, Small Lights Through the Darkness,  has run into difficulties because he does not want to be used to clean, whitewash the crimes of the many in Poland.  

It is historically not right since there were few righteous gentiles in Poland during the World Wars.  As Wim Wenders quotes Dani “Only morality in our actions can give beauty and dignity to our life.”Other artistic themes pervade his works of art such as leaving space for every viewer to dream himself or herself in it,  emptiness is … the most beautiful thing, and simplicity is the most complicated thing.

  For his art installation in Berlin,  dark water, with its simplicity, as well as the beauty of the make of it.  But he says, in modesty, that he cannot compete with nature, while referring to natural landscapes.  With all his passion in the creation of  his art installations,  his works are his daughter, son….The parallels of the state of maintenance of his beautiful environmental art installations, many in disrepair (with bushes, dirt on the structure,  non-lit lights, no running water,  incorrect plants), which breaks his heart,   with his own deteriorating health,  artist Dani Karavan in “HIgh Maintenance” is entrancing.