September 06

The Canadian National Exhibition Aug.19th-Sept. 5th, 2022

By A.J.Lam, Wayne Baggs & BKONTHESCENE

The last CNE experience was in August 2019, and we couldn’t wait for the 18 days of fun and we really enjoyed the traditional “end of summer “ fair !
A picket line of strikers, some inclement weather and heavy traffic jams didn’t hamper the 141st  edition of the CNE, from Aug.19th-Sept. 5th, 2022.

The Ex is famous for food and no trip to the CNE is complete without trying some of the crazy culinary creations. This year’s food vendor menu looked very unique with some of the highlights including: Mustard Ice Cream,Apple Cheesecake Poutine, Granny Smith Apple Fries, Beyond Guacacamole Bubs, Beyond Burgers, Cotton Candy Taco, Deep Fried Avacado, Enchillada, Roti, Evas Chimney Cone Oreo Cheesecake, Flaming Cheeto Corn Dog Cocos, Rainbow Grilled Cheese, mushroom coffee, pickle lemonade specialty pizza and the poutine dogs. 

Also, food events such as the Craft Beer Fest and the Food Trucks returned with the new addition of an Oktoberfest event.

Some of the talent at the bandshell included:Howie Mandel, Bruce Cockburn, Third World, J.J.Wilde, Tom Cochrane , The Good Brothers and Gordon Lightfoot to name a few.

The Ex celebrated the 71st anniversary of the Canadian International Air Show and — the Canadian Forces Airbirds were not performing this year, but we anticipate they will make a return for the 2023 version. Lastly, the CNE welcomed back the Royal Air Force acrobatic team.

The final figures won’t be available until a few days after the Ex is over, but it is estimated they could surpass the 1.6 million record set in 2015.
We would to thank the CNE and Centric PR for the invitation to the CNE. We look forward to the 2023 version of this event.