September 23

Day#8 Of TIFF-Thurs.,Sept.15th,2022

Day#8 wasn’t an early wake up call and we lucked out by starting our screeners in the afternoon.



When a wealthy hotel heir decides to end his relationship with his sexy intelligent dominatrix, his sanctity gets breached and he gets much more than he bargains for with their sparring.

As Hal Porterfield (Christopher Abbott) prepares to become the CEO of his late father’s hotel empire, he plans one last session with his adept dominatrix Rebecca (Margaret Qualley), but his plans go awry with many twists and turns in this action-packed film.



A US war engineer corps veteran, Lynsey, eloquently portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence, back in New Orleans recovering  from her traumatic injuries while in Afghanistan, struggles with civilian life while yearning a return to military duty.

After an arduous rehab from her physical and mental injuries sustained in an explosion in Afghanistan, she returns to the beautiful city of New Orleans as a swimming pool cleaner,  while befriending James (Brian Tyree Henry), a sympathetic mechanic, who himself has had severe injuries . 

Lila Neugebauer,  directing her debut film, has done a magical character study set in majestic New Orleans.



Trouble within the family ensues when its just-turned 17 year-old teenage daughter, played by Grace Van Dien, pursues an online romance with an older man with unintended consequences in Roost, director Amy Redford’s labour of love.

The thrilling drama begins when Anna (Grace Van Dien) tells her mother, Beth (Summer Phoenix), that she has met a boy online through a poetry group, especially when that boy, Eric ((Kyle Gallner) is actually 28 years old and has a mysterious history leading to suspense in the family.

We arrived at the red carpet to cover HUNT at Roy Thompson Hall with actor/director Lee Jung-Jae(Squid Game) and actor Jung Woo-Sung

It was an early ending for day#8 after the 3 screeners. We would be well rested for day#9 and whatever we would have in store for us in regards to screeners and events.