September 24

Day#1 Of TIFF – Thurs., Sept.8th, 2022

To start off TIFF 2022, media and guests were invited to the Press & Programmer Breakfast. It took place September 8th from 9am – 10:30am at Soluna on Queen St. 

After this energizing breakfast we were ready to watch our first screener.
Our first screener for TIFF 2022 was Paris Memories

TIFF22-Paris Memories

Poignant film of the beauty that can arise from tragedy. Paris, the city of light, known for its beauty in its architecture, art and culture, has had its violent tragedies. In director Alice Winocour’s Paris Memories, Mia’s (Virginie Efira) brilliant performance highlights the strength of the human spirit, despite traumatic memories.

Surrounded by the beautiful sites of Paris, on a rainy night, Mia’s life is upended by sudden violence. Luckily,  despite her physical and psychological injuries,  she survives but she suffers from amnesia of the events of that fateful night. As she desperately searches for the truth of that violent evening,  she brings the viewers/voyeurs along as she explores the non-touristic side of Paris.

TIFF22-The Handmaid’s Tale

Dramatic 2 new season six episodes, directed by and starring  Elizabeth Moss as June Osborne, of the Emmy award-winning Series based on iconic Canadian writer Margaret Atwood’s tale of dystopia in Gilead , a fictional religious nation, where fertile women’s reproduction is controlled by the patriarchal state’s male commanders. 

The new season reveals a startling revelation by main character June Osborne concerning the death of the commander Fred Waterford (Joseph Fiennes) of Gilead while she still yearns for the return of her daughter Hannah.

TIFF22-The Swimmers-Opening Gala Film

The amazing true story of two Syrian swimmer sisters, Yusra and Sara Mardini,  and their treacherous migration to Germany and quest to the Rio Olympics.

Living in the war-torn city of Damascus in Syria with their family,  Yusra and Sara strive to migrate to the safety of Germany while maintaining their dream of swimming in the Olympics.

With their sisterly love, and the aid of their cousin,  they survive their dangerous journey on a perilous leaky boat, to finally reach Germany and a helpful German swim coach, eventually leading to a fulfillment of their dreams.

The Q&A with the cast of SWIMMERS on the opening night.