October 20

Patron’s Preview of Housewarming Exhibit.@Gardiner Museum-Tues., Oct.18th,2022

By A.J.Lam

Housewarming is Giboulo’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic that began in 2020, and the waves of confinement and isolation that followed.

It is a sculpted documentary of individual and collective experiences grounded in current events.

With the pandemic as a constant presence, the colourful dioramas furnishing each room prompt reflection about the challenges we face as a society.

Their stories amplify themes pertaining to connectedness and isolation, aging and care, labour and consumerism, the climate crisis, food insecurity, and housing instability.

This intimate journey also unveils a personal narrative of self-acceptance and identity and transports us to the world of childhood, a critical period in the development of consciousness about the world.