February 12

POGO PJ Party In Support Of Pediatric Oncology Group Ontario@The Symes-Thurs.,Feb.9th,2023

By A.J.Lam

“Championing childhood cancer care since 1983

POGO ensures that everyone affected by childhood cancer has access to the best possible care and support—from a child’s diagnosis, through treatment and into survivorship.”

POGO’s PJ party is “the PJ event of the season” with the party participants raising a target of $300,000 while dancing the night away to lively music along with enjoying delicious food and drinks at the art deco industrial event space the Symes.

Funds raised through the POGO PJ Party will provide financial assistance to families to help pay for out-of-pocket costs associated with their child’s treatment, support survivors with customized school and work counselling when their disease or its treatment has left them with learning challenges, and fund promising research that examines the impact of childhood cancer and its treatment.

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We would like to thank Kelly Zorzi for the invitation to this event and we look forward to covering the POGO PJ party in 2024.