March 11

PDAC 2023 March 5th- 8th, 2023

By Sally W.& A.J. Lam

As soon as March hits we know it’s nearly time for the annual Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada  (PDAC) Convention in Toronto. PDAC, known as the ‘SuperBowl’ of the Mining and Mineral World, is a very busy, action-packed 4 days!

Both the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) North and South Buildings were filled to the brim with Trade Show Booths from all over the world – showcasing countries and provinces where minerals are mined, mining machinery, airplane services flying to remote areas, technology, universities offering mining and other programs,  Canadian Government displaying rock samples of what’s mined in Canada, all sorts of resources with statistics, maps – a ton of resources, a whole section devoted to Investors. Plus much more.

The 4 day event has a packed schedule of meetings, talks, presentations, panel discussions. Who attends? Geologists, geophysicists, engineers, students in the sciences, business people, earth sciences, engineering, the trades, Investors. Lots of student volunteers who also get to attend PDAC. And to support students and teachers is the Mining Matters organization. Its booth clearly visible by the escalators outside the trade show hall. Mining Matters offers teacher training and school programs, Indigenous Communities education and Outreach programs, Public and Partnership programs and tons of exceptional educational resources including mining kits for classrooms. They also had a display of their wide selection of auction items. 

PDAC Attendees were from 135 countries – and yes, they all arrived in time to experience a snowstorm in Canada! From Australia, India, Mali, Cameroon and other countries in Africa. Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile – South America. All over the States and Asia. Greenland, Denmark, Norway, Germany and more European countries. And of course from ALL over Canada – including many remote communities in Ontario, Northern Yukon, NWT and Nunavut. Fascinating speaking to them about how different remote northern life is compared to big city life. 

Why is the PDAC Convention held in Toronto?  Toronto is the financial hub of the mining world. Mining is huge in Canada. 

What else do the PDAC attendees do over the 4 days? They attend events, often many of them, and they are entertained. Events are offered by mining companies and mining related-businesses at Ripley’s Aquarium, SteamWhistle Brewery, locations in MTCC, Toronto Stock Exchange, Royal York Hotel, CN Tower, Real Sports Bar restaurant and other venues. These visitors to Toronto, Canada get to see different places while networking and enjoying themselves with drinks and delicious food. PDAC is over for another year. Everyone’s flying home – many far away – with memories of a wonderful PDAC Convention. Until 2024! 

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We would like to thank the organizers of PDAC for the invitation for 2023. We look forward to the 2024 edition of PDAC.