March 19

T. Rex: Ultimate Predator@The Royal Ontario Museum

By A.J.Lam

The world-renowned Royal Ontario Museum is now presenting its fascinating comprehensive exhibition “T. Rex: Ultimate Predator” with all you wanted to know about the famous ferocious dinosaur from baby to adult. Don’t miss seeing this amazing must-see dinosaur exhibit!

“Come face-to-face with the great Tyrannosaurus rex — T. rex — from baby to beast.

In this exciting major exhibition, ROM invites visitors on an astonishing journey of discovery about everyone’s favourite dinosaur. Did you know that T. rex hatchlings were gangly and turkey-sized? Or, that T. rex could digest bones? Or, that these massive killing machines evolved from a group of dinosaurs that were, for the most part, small and fast? How did T. rex get so big, so bad, and so famous?

This exhibition addresses those and other surprising questions about T. rex and the tyrannosaur family of dinosaurs. Experience more than 40 models and casts, many full-sized and towering, large-scale video projections, interactive experiences, and plenty of hands-on activities for kids of all ages, providing a fun and engaging adventure — all grounded in the latest scientific research.”

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We would like to thank David McKay
Senior Publicist, ROM for the invitation to this event.