April 10

State of Mind – The Illusion of Choice@Casa Loma-Thurs.,April 6th,2023

by Sally W. & Photography By A.J.Lam

Opening April 6 and running to April 30, State of Mind at Casa Loma is another great reason to visit one of Toronto’s most famous places. Your visit starts off with a walk through the tunnels of Casa Loma – an experience in itself! Projected on the tunnel walls are pictures and video clips of the most famous magicians and stunt performers – including the greatest of all time, Harry Houdini who inspired them all! The wonders and amazement of the history of these performers is an excellent intro to the two performances to come. Walking the tunnels in Casa Loma is a new and exciting experience for many visitors.  

The first presentation (order of the 2 shows can be switched) given in the Carriage Room Stage – a cozy seated venue to welcome guests – chairs set up in a circle at the front were for those guests interested in being part of the magic! This is where Miraculum, created by well-known mentalist Lawrence Larouche is presented. Lawrence Larouche was a jovial presenter making everyone feel part of the show with his illusionist card tricks… getting everyone thinking … How does he do that?…. One trick after another. And the faces of the participants and audience members showed amazement! Larouche jokingly said he’d make mistakes only to clearly clarify with a magical response! Zero mistakes… all good! And all fun!

After this show the group moved on to more tunnel walking until we reached the area for refreshments and socializing before the second show.  Guests enjoyed the wax museum – type exhibit with its displays of a variety of actors in their film setting. Films which had all been filmed at Casa Loma – including Drake, Samuel L. Jackson, Hugh Jackman, Jackie Chan amongst others.

On the second floor of the Stables, world renowned magician Jeff Kaylor continued our cerebral voyage! The Stables Stage, a seated venue for another intimate gathering, was perfect. Kaylor gave a fast-moving illusionist show with one trick after another leaving us mind boggled! Our brains trying to figure out how he did it all!  He also created a welcoming and warm environment. After the presentations a walk back through the Casa Loma tunnels is a perfect end.  A wonderful way to spend an evening at Toronto’s famous Casa Loma! 

STATE of MIND is at Casa Loma Toronto from April 6th – 30th 

Thursday – Sunday Evenings

Doors at 6pm  Doors at 6pm | 6.30pm, 7.00pm and 7.30pm showtimes 

We would like to thank Siren PR for the invitation to this event.