May 21

TUSARNITUT! Music Born of the Cold Preview@ROM-Wed.,May 17th,2023

By A.J.Lam

The ROM presents, with the assistance of Montreal’s Musée des Beaux Arts, this fascinating exhibit of the intersection of Inuit culture, art and music. In addition, ROM After Dark: Music Born of the Cold, on Friday, May 19, will allow party goers to have a preview of this fascinating exhibit along with curated food, drinks, and live performances of Inuit throat singers, beatmakers plus games.

“TUSARNITUT! Music Born of the Cold invites visitors to discover the breadth and diversity of Inuit musical expression and examine the connections between Inuit visual arts and two prominent musical genres: drum dancing and throat singing. Presenting over one hundred sculptures, prints, drawings and installations themed around music from the 1950s to the present, this exhibition explores the fundamental role music plays in Inuit life, while providing a rare opportunity to appreciate differences in style and content among artists in regions.

ᑐᓴᕐᓂᑐᑦ TUSARNITUT! (which translates literally as “sounds that please the ear”) will present a variety of musical styles, from the earliest recorded forms of musical expressions to the remarkable work of contemporary artists who are reimagining these traditions for present day audiences.”


We would like to thank the ROM media for the invitation to the preview of TUSARNITUT.