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May 07

The Inside Out LGBT Film Festival Official Program Announcement-Fri.,May 3rd,2019@Artscape Daniels Launchpad-(Festival Dates-May 23rd-June 2nd,2019)

The Inside Out LGBT Film Festival announced the Official Program for the 2019 Toronto LGBT Film Festival (May 23 to June 2)last Friday.   All who attended celebrate with food and drinks, it was a first look at Inside Out’s 2019 program! Everyone received a copy of the official program while enjoying entertainment by DJs […]

May 05

A Woman’s Work @ Fox Theatre (Sat. May 4th, 2019)

The NFL in the past has denied a correlation between concussions and blows to the heads of football players. They’ve also insisted that there was no problem with equal pay for NFL cheerleaders. But, the NFL has a problem with equal pay. Director Yu Gu created A Woman’s Work, she set out to prove that […]

May 03


I had the opportunity to watch “There Are No Fakes” during Hot Docs film festival and I don’t think I’ve stopped telling people about it since. The documentary is unlike any I’ve seen before and shares a very riveting and important story. The exposé is based around the work of Norval Morrisseau, arguably Canada’s most […]

May 03


Gordon Lightfoot is Gordon Lightfoot. When you hear his first album or his more recent material, it’s Gordon Lightfoot. A craftsman in the art of Singer-songwriter. What we get from watching this documentary is that of a man, through his songs and lyrics, honing his craft as he expresses the inner thoughts of his life and life around […]

May 02


Assholes: A Theory, an entertaining and new documentary from director John Walker for HOT DOCS 2019. This Doc surrounds a conversation with Aaron James, author of the New York Times bestseller of the same name, Assholes: A Theory digs into “what makes an asshole” and finds signs and traits of people who deserve this title. […]

May 02

WILLIE@HOT DOCS CINEMA-Mon.,April 29th,2019

Willie – A documentary about a man with the universal wisdom to overcome adversity in it’s most primal form. Racism. Presented is a man that is not only able to overcome the roadblocks in his own life but has the tools to teach others what he knows. The director Laurence Mathieu-Leger shows us a man […]

April 30

MYSTIFY, Michael Hutchence Documentary @ Hot Docs Cinemas (Apr. 28, 2019)

Australian band INXS were super popular in the 1980s ,90s and all the way up to today! INXS singer Michael Hutchence had very tragically committed suicide in 1997, at the age of 37. Through a collection of interviews with family, band members, friends and personal footage, Mystify, opening on April 28th at Hot Docs Cinema, […]

October 05

Soulskin Are Back and Invite You To Get “Lost in Space”

Soulskin Are Back and Invite You To Get “Lost in Space” The Alt-Metal Rock Group Have Reformed & Revamped with New Album Beneath a Dimmer Crown — Available now!   Watch “Lost in Space” on YouTube Here Inventive alt-metal rockers Soulskin have been reformed and reborn some 15 years after forming to release their new album Beneath a […]

September 12


This was The 6th annual Telefilm Canada + Birks Diamond Tribute to the Year’s Women in Film that honours outstanding Canadian women for their contributions to film and TV. The 2018 honourees were: director Nettie Wild (Koneline: Our Land Beautiful), actresses Tantoo Cardinal (Dances with Wolves) and Pascale Bussières (When Night is Falling), screenwriter Susan […]

September 11

THE CFF/DGC CANADA PARTY RED CARPET with special guest DJ Amanda Brugel from The Handmaid’s Tale@The Fifth Social Club, 225 Richmond Street West-Sunday, September 9,2018

The theme was totally “CANUCK”, for this TIFF event. Guests were notified and they obeyed !…..“No posers, just hosers! “ This was the most unapologetically Canadian event during TIFF! On Sunday, September 9 at The Fifth Social Club, the CFF and DGC presented The CFF Canada Party at TIFF celebrating homegrown Canadian talent who have […]

June 25

Italian Contemporary Film Festival&The Moda Fashion Event(ICFF)-Thurs.,June 14th-Fri.,June 22nd,2018

By Kimberly Samnang & Photography By A.J.Lam Inaugurated as a grassroots non-profit film festival in 2012, the Italian Contemporary Film Festival has grown to become one of the largest Italian film festivals outside of Italy. Each year, the ICFF is proud to present an inspiring lineup – the best from newly released Italian and international […]

June 23

Come Home with Canada’s leading vocal group Cadence: Hear songs by Feist, K-OS, David Clayton-Thomas & more — all a cappella!

Come Home with Canada’s leading vocal group Cadence: Hear songs by Feist, K-OS, David Clayton-Thomas & more — all a cappella! Come Home with Cadence — All Canadian Songs, All a Cappella Featuring Vocal-Only Versions of Songs by David Clayton-Thomas, K-OS, Feist, & More YouTube — “The Watcher on the Rock” A cappella collective Cadence […]

May 01

THE 25th ANNUAL HOT DOCS FILM FESTIVAL-World Premiere of TURNING TABLES featuring Joshua DePerry, aka Classic Roots

By A.J.Lam, including material from TURNING TABLES featuring Joshua DePerry, aka Classic Roots @ Hot Docs Film Festival. The 25th Canadian International Documentary Festival, aka Hot Docs Film Festival, was proud to screen the world premiere of TURNING TABLES, directed by Chrisann Hessing and produced by Tanya Hoshi, a short documentary featuring the inspirational story […]

February 23

Marvel Comic Presents-“Black Panther”-Directed By Ryan Coogler

Black Panther is worth cheering for, a clear standout on the Marvel movie roster. It’s only Ryan Coogler’s third feature, but it has the confidence of a far more experienced filmmaker. It’s a case of the right story landing in the right hands. Chadwick Boseman plays King T’Challa, akathe Black Panther, a monarch and superhero […]

February 22

Jeff VanderMeer’s-Annihilation-Directed By Alex Garland’s Annihilation And Featurimg Natalie Portman-Fri.,Feb.23rd,2018

 By M.J.Tom Of course, the book is better. Jeff VanderMeer’s Annihilation is a lit-pulp marvel that expands the possibilities of what is possible within its genre, a heady, sweaty dip into not just enviro-cosmic horror but the inexplicable. The book, the first entry in VanderMeer’s Southern Reach Trilogy, immerses readers in bio-impossibilities, in a landscape […]