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September 20

TIFF 2016: “Below Her Mouth” Red Carpet @Isabel Bader Theatre (Sat.,Sept.10th,2016)

By A.J.Lam Below Her Mouth is a rarity in more than one wBy A.ay: it’s a fiction film shot with an entirely female crew, and it’s an uncommonly frank look at the all-encompassing nature of attraction — the good, the bad and the ugly. One of the boldest and sexiest dramas of the year, April […]

September 18

TIFF 2016: We Kill Death@Thompson Hotel+Creative Coalition@STK

Photo Credits: Tom Sandler, Ernesto DiStefano+BK on the SCENE We were privileged to be invited on Friday to view history being made as three free climbing roof toppers–Mustang Wanted, Vadim Makhorov and Vitaliy Raskalov–climbed a construction crane atop a 60-story building in downtown Toronto in celebration of the new film they’re starring in called “WE […]

September 13

TIFF 2016: The 2016 Birks Diamond Tribute during TIFF@Shangri-La(Mon.,Sept.12th,2016)

Telefilm Canada and Birks paid tribute to 12 Canadian women in film at the 2016 Birks Diamond Tribute during Day 5 of TIFF at the Shangri-La hotel in downtown Toronto. The 2016 honourees of the Birks Diamond Tribute to the Year’s Women in Film were directors Tracey Deer, Ann Marie Fleming,April Mullen, Léa Pool and […]

TIFF 2016: The Creative Coalition Events@Tiff 2016@Thompson Hotel+SUPPER SUITE By STK

STK TORONTO OFFERS SNEAK PEEK FOR TORONTO’S TOP FILM FESTIVAL CELEBRITIES AND FILMS BY HOSTING A-LIST COMMUNICATIONS’ SUPPER SUITE BY STK OVER FIRST WEEKEND A-List Communications, along with The ONE Group’s signature restaurant brand STK and GREY GOOSE® Vodka, will bring a series of film festival pop-ups to Toronto, introducing the Company’s first Canadian location […]