Slash Cdn Music Wk+In Concert Montreal/Toronto 2012 Ozzfest Makuhari Messe, Japan May 2013

A world wind year in 2012/2013 for Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators.  This lucky soul had a chance to meet this “A list” guitarist in Montreal with the rest of his bandmates.  The tour carried on in Japan for Ozzfest in May 2013 and once again I was able to catch the amazing guitar virtuosos Mr. Saul “Slash” Hudson.  It felt like a band following ala Hippie “Grateful Dead” but this time in 2012-2013.  The concert set list consist of the majority of Slash’s bands he played with in the past. But with a heavy rotation on the radio for his solo album, Slash played alot of his solo material.  Every show had a surprise attached to it. It may have been a uplifting version of a  Led Zepplein’s Immigrant Song or another spirited cover.  But each continent had something different attached to the show.  We don’t know what the future holds for this multi talented man! It  may be Velvet Revolver, Snake Pit or dare we say it……..Guns and Roses?  All I can say is : “it’s always a pleasure to see Slash in concert”

Ozzfest set list for Makuhari Messe Japan :

save 12 slash 3slash 5slash 6slash 8 torontoslash 10

slash 14slash 13slash 11 slash 12   slash two slash slash4 slash9 t.o. slash10 slash 00 slash 0