Fashion Week 2013

DSC_2631DSC_2404DSC_2323DSC_2267DSC_1943DSC_1800DSC_1713DSC_1493DSC_1280DSC_1018DSC_0735DSC_0284** by Bill Kwan **

1 – Joe Fresh-Asian inspired look for Mr. Joe Mimran for The Spring/Summer 2014 show. His showcase still had a look of elegance, casual with an edge for street wear. The Joe Fresh line is still a big ticket during Fashion Week and it bods well that his product is available at the signature Loblaws grocery store. So hats off to Joe Fresh. Many of the clothing line was made overseas. The tragedy of the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh Factory was on the minds of the crowd during the runway show. There was some diverse materials used for this show:Zebra, Crocodile print, Silk and Laces. Joe Mimran pulled off a combination of chic with a cutting edge of everyday street wear.

2 – Bustle-A feeling of vacationing in October was in the air for the Spring/Summer 2014 line for Bustle. Alot of viverent bright colours spotlighting on orange, yellow and blue. Mostly casual wear focusing on shorts, t-shirts and cool blazers. The men’s line had the feel of kicking back with an tropical drink and laying on a beach front. While the women’s line was just as relaxing. Alot of prints that incorporated flowers, bright colours and a summer feel. Bustle Clothing, founded in 2002 by Shawn Hewson and Ruth Promislow – both Bay street lawyers, is a leading Canadian sportswear label that has become well known for its cheeky twist on the mens and women classics. Looking forward to taking a trip to Hawaii to sport my Bustle line of clothing and accessories.

3 – Mikael D-This was the first collection for this designer. For the Spring/Summer 2014 runway Mikael D. showcased his line of Evening dress wear. The Mikael Derderian line is a Canadian establish designer starting his own private label, MIKAEL D. His line based on collections that have alot of cultural influences Haute Couture line in the future for Gown maker Mikael D and his highly elaborate tribute to the evening dress for Fashion Week. It was a great way to end the Friday show as the variety of colour and dresses kept the audience at the edge of their seats. For his first collection Mikael D made a statement to bring glamor, style and elegance to his runway show at this runway show. Looking forward to seeing glamour back on the Red Carpet and The Gala Balls with the Mikael D. line.