Bill Cosby @ Fallview, Sunday Sep 29th, 2013

** by Bill Kwan **


Bill Cosby arrived at Fallsview for an afternoon comedy concert.  At 75 years old, Cosby sat down to start his comedy act.  Visibly Cosby physical state wasn’t how we imagine when he was at the top of his game during his “Huxtable” days on t.v.  The 90 minute concert was more of a story telling of his life.  There weren’t any punch lines or short tales.  The audience waited for the start and ending to his funny stories.  Unlike the humor of today with a lot of swearing, racial innuendos and shock humor, Cosby stayed true to his roots and keep the stories clean.

The crowd was a mix of very young and his devoted fans of his t.v. and Fat Albert series.  There were some heckling from the front row wanting to hear some of his famous stories but Cosby kept a nice slow pace to his story telling.  His first story was about Tarzan and his visit to Africa.  Initially i couldn’t see where this story was heading or leading to. But as the story went on and Cosby started to get into the show, the audience started to getting loud.  Yes Cosby is still funny and people could relate to his story with his sense of humor.

Bill Cosby has a lifetime of humor to showcase and I hope he still has alot of touring left in him to keep a new generation enjoying his sense of humor.