The Queen of Mean is Leaner and Meaner!

** by Bill Kwan **
Thursday, Nov. 7th, 2013 Casino Rama

The leaner and meaner Lisa Lampanelli showcased her unique style of comedy at the Casino Rama in Orilla.  She recently trimmed her frame down 100 pounds but that hasn’t stopped her sharp tongue from waggling and taking shots at every topic that is sacrate. Right away she took shots in the front row. Sitting in the front row for this Oriental writer was an “easy target” for Lampanelli .  She took shots at a overly heavy male, a black female, a gay couple and the Native Indians.

Lampanelli frequently brought up her appearance on the Celebrity Apprenctice and took shots at Donald Trump and some other of the contestants.  As offensive as she protrays herself to be, there was no one who departed the capacity audience when she performed her stand up comedy act. The best part of Lampanelli is her interaction with her audience.  She came down from the stage to mingle and improvise with the crowd.  I believe she had a game plan but she did audible at times.

Lampanelli also showcased some of the jaw-dropping skits that were either censored for her video or when she appeared on t.v.  No one was left out of being “Picked On”.  If you were Black, White, Yellow or from Mars………Lisa Lampanelli would have made you laugh during her skits.  The crowd knew what they getting and after a 3 week layoff from the stage, Lampanelli put on an extented stand up show. Sometimes being loud,swearing,insulting and obnoxious is good for the soul.