Fausto & Farrah

by Rose Khan
Date: Nov 29, 2013
Location: Ricky Ricardo’s

On November 29, 2013 at the popular Ricky Ricardo’s in Toronto One of the most exciting upcoming teams from NYC, brought us the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS with Fausto & Farrah of New York City and Dominican Republic! They taught some of the best workshops Friday & Saturday in both salsa and bachata. They took straight to the dance floor as the crowd learned fun, sexy, smooth, powerful body movement.  I got to sit down with the sexy dancers as they told me a little bit about themselves.

Fausto and Farrah met at Santo Rico in 2009 and began their partnership there. After discovering that together they are a captivating, dynamic, magnetic couple, with a mix of street and technique, they decided to compete together in 2011. They have taught and performed around the world — including France, Holland, England, Canada and many cities in the USA. They are New York International Salsa Champions and finalists at the Montreal Salsa Festival, New York Salsa Open, Canada Salsa Congress and International Hustle and Salsa Championship.  Its amazing to see how they have allowed their passion and vision of success to fuel their movement on a daily basis.