Winter Classic – Leafs vs Red Wings

by Bill Kwan
event date: Jan 1 2014
venue: Ann Arbor “Big House”

Hockey should be played outside? It was an afternoon of snow, bitterly cold weather, and strong winds! A capacity crowd of over 105,000 braved the Ann Arbor weather conditions for the yearly Winter Classic Hockey Game between The Toronto Maple Leafs and Detroit Red Wings.  Weather factors such as an abundance of snow slowed the game down in the first period! The game was in the middle of a football stadium “The Big House”  that had been converted to an ice rink. The game lasted over 3.5 hours and then the fans got their monies worth with a 5 minute Over Time and a shootout with the Toronto Maple Leafs being victorious! Fans looked frostbitten during the game but after all was said and done the experience was amazing! The players and fans left the football stadium feeling warm as it was a spirited effort by both hockey teams!