Melissa Etheridge-Cdn Music Wk Press Conference+Casino Rama-Thursday, February 20th, 2014

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Melissa Etheridge-Casino Rama-Thursday, February 20th, 2014
By Bill Kwan

It was a no non sense concert at Casino Rama last Thursday for Melissa Etheridge.  There were no back drops, no logo on the drum kit and no flash for the show.  With the singer backed by a terrific four-piece band, Melissa showed her versatility by frequently putting down her guitar to play accordion, keyboards and piano for”Bring Me Some Water.”  But one thing she did have was a lot of emotion in her 2 hour set.  This 52 year old musician can still rock with the best of them with her display of music that spanned close to 30 years. Kansas born Melissa was touring to support her latest CD “4th Street Feeling”, which featured a combination of soul, country and blues. She also performed such fan favorites during the show such  as: “I Want to Come Over,” “Bring Me Some Water,” “I’m the Only One” and “Like the Way I Do.”

Her Powerful voice so similar to a Grace Slick and Janis Joplin seemed to have gotten stronger with age,  and her guitar playing taking on a harder, aggressive edge that she seemed eager to show off via numerous extended solos.
She frequently punctuated her songs with lengthy narrative asides which made them feel even more personal. When the crowd cheered during her extended version of “I Want to Come Over,”  And after another typically relationship-centric number.
But it was her introduction to “I Run for Life,” inspired about her well-publicized battle with breast cancer and now 10 years Cancer free,  which garnered the most powerful response of the evening.  She proceeded to deliver a deeply emotional rendition of the song that exemplified this durable rocker’s spirit.

The crowd rushed the stage when the lights went down and most fans stood up for the whole show.  It showed the loyalty and appreciation of her fans.  At one moment a male fan yelled out “We Love you Melissa, welcome to Canada”  she responded “it must be tough being a male fan in this audience” but it wasn’t really tough being a male fan.  True it was predominately female but the males were front and centre with the female fans.  She donned the Canadian flag on her guitar and spoke of the Olympic Gold Medal Win by Canada’s female Hockey team over her beloved USA Hockey team.  It was close to 3 years since the last concert by Melissa Etheridge. A greatest hits tour would compliment her great career in the near future. We hope it’s won’t be  another 3 years til we see her in concert again.

Set list:

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