Yes in Concert-Wed.,April 2nd, 2014@Hamilton Place

By Bill Kwan

Historical progressive Rock band Yes played the beautiful Hamilton Place hall to a capacity crowd of people from around the world. Before the show started a group of fans were over heard talking about their home country. Fans from the U.S.A.(Rochester)U.K.(London) and across Canada were in the audience for this final concert in Canada before the band traveled to the U.S.A. and then Europe. This tour was comprised of 3 albums played in their entirety : The Yes Album, Going For The One and Close To The Edge. Mainstay vocalist Jon Anderson is not on this tour. But Jon Davidson is the new vocalist who has an uncanny resemblance to a young Jon Anderson and his voice mimics the high vocal talents of the original singer of Yes. The band on this tour consist of Geoff Downes(keyboards),Chris Squire(Bass),Steve Howe(Guitars+keyboard) and Alan White(Percussions) The 3 hour concert with intermission was a true Yes show and somewhat reminds a fan of a Classical concert minus the symphony. It was a fans delight to have all 3 albums played and the standing ovation showed that it was a concert for the true Yes fan. The show ended with one encore -“Roundabout” from the Fragile album. In the U.S.A. they’ll be playing the entire “Fragile” album and their Greatest Hits. After the show it was overheard that a group of fans would be following them to the U.S.A. to experience their “Great HIts tour” Yes has been around since the late 60’s and it doesn’t look like they will be slowing down with their touring. We look forward to their new tour in 2015.
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