Bill Maher in Concert-Sat., April 26th, 2014@Casino Rama

Bill Maher’s sense of humor or should we say his political sense of humor was in fine form at Casino Rama on Saturday night. A near capacity crowd was in attendence for this one in a half hour of stand up comedy. Bill Maher a combination of Lisa Lampanelli and Steve Colbert proved there’s something super funny and hilarious in everything we encounter in our day to day lives. He touched on same sex marriage, gays, religion, military funding, marijuana etc. Maher stated that Canadians are super polite and safe but he was in store with some hectlers right from the start! He defused that by saying “this can’t be Canada you are polite, safe and kind”! Maher touched on Canadian humor such as Rob and Doug Ford. But most of the night was dedicated to his home land of the U.S.A. and President Obama. He brought up his disfunctional staff and stated:

“You see President Obama come out of these meetings with John Boehner and Mitch McConnell and Eric Cantor … and he praises them as much as possible and criticizes them only when necessary. He’s like a good special ed teacher.”
But Maher’s second-favorite target after Republicans was religion.
“People tell me, ‘It’s easy to mock religion.’ Yes! It is! Anytime you make fun of religion, you are doing a public service,” Maher opined.
If they didn’t know it walking in, they surely did by the time they left, as he took many shots at the Bible and unveiled a hilarious mashup of “The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost” and Abbott & Costello’s “Who’s On First?” Another recurring theme for Maher is marijuana, which he said he’s had a longterm relationship with since high school — “Sometimes we forget each other’s sentences.”
That well-structured joke is a reminder the most important part of his identity as a “political comedian” is “comedian.” Maher has been known for the political humor for about 20 years, but he was a comedian for more than a decade before that — and he knows his craft.
He also had a funny bit that mocked the unrealistic — but very different — ways sex is portrayed in Hollywood movies and commercials for erectile-dysfunction drugs. On the United States’ thirst for war: “The U.S. has been at war for 216 of its 237 years. At some point you have to think ‘Maybe it’s me.’”
On right-swinging rock ‘n’ roller Ted Nugent: “He says Obama wipes his ass with the Constitution … unlike Ted, who uses his hand.” A fan in the audience passed Maher a sticker stating” Ted Nugent for President” !
Maher touched on charges that Obama is a socialist: “Socialist?! He’s not even a liberal! He uses Romney’s health care plan and Bush’s foreign policy!” He spoke about Romney leaving both of his ex wives because they were sick.”you wonder when you screw 2 people and they become really sick. What would you think would happen to the whole usa if he were screw us”
The racial element to Obama hatred was brought up: “‘You can keep your health plan’ was a lie, but they didn’t seem to mind it when Bush lied about Iraq having WMDs because that was a ‘white lie.’”
His well publicized war between Donald Trump was brought up as he said “there is a uncanny resemblance between an orange haired Baboon and the well Coiffed Trump!”
Still popular on t.v. with his Real Time show, Maher packed the house with his show. A lot of loud laughter and a standing ovation at the end had the fans wanting for more. Nothing is sacred in Maher’s eye and the crowd enjoyed the opinionated Maher at his best! A two to three hour show possibly in the future?