Luminato 2014 June 6th-15th 2014@Various Locations

By Bill Kwan, Photography by A.J.Lam, Bill Kwan and T.S.O.’s Josh Clavir
An amazing year for the eighth edition of Luminato. Some of the highlights were: Time Talks with Daniel Lanois, Isabella Rossellini, Rufus Wainwright; The Roots in concert; Ziggy Marley’s rousing reggae concert; Bebel Gilberto’s bossa nova in concert; Aline Morales’ Brazilian concert; Daniel Lanois and his “Sleeping In The Devil’s Bed” Concert; Rufus Wainwright and his “If I Loved You” concert; along with the legendary Pina Bausch’s classic expressionist dance piece “Kontakthof”; the intriguing play Cineastas about Argentina’s film directors; Louise Lecavalier’s hyperkinetic dance piece “So Blue”; the innovative show Kid Koala’s “Nufonia Must Fall Live”; and the T.S.O.’s fun “Late Night: Shostakovich Symphony 5” concert/after party. The two big shows “Sleeping In The Devil’s Bed” and “If I Loved You” had their minor glitches but the audience enjoyed both shows as a big highlight of the festival. Toronto being a world class city had a great week with a world class event called Luminato.