Diana Ross-Wed.,July 2nd, 2014@Casino Rama

By Bill Kwan
Diana Ross arrived late on stage for her scheduled show at Casino Rama due to the tropical storm on the east coast of the U.S.A. Living up to her Diva status, no pictures were allowed and it was strictly enforced until security allowed patrons to rush the stage to the last song by Gloria Gaylor’s “I Will Survive.”  Diana Ross is an icon who basically started Motown with mainstay Barry Gordy.  Ross went through her “A” catalogue of songs from her Motown days with the Supremes, her soundtrack/acting days with Lady Sings The Blues/Mahogany, and her Disco era, from which she sang the opening song “I’m Coming Out.”  A mixed crowd of young, old, gay, straight males and females danced up a storm to Ross’ hits, which had the crowd singing, dancing and screaming like the days of “Hittsville USA.”  Ross had five costume changes, brightly coloured, heavily sequined gowns, plus opulent coat wraps, a blue sequined outfit to a lime green faux fur(or maybe it was real?) which had the crowd admiring her love of vibrant colours for her costumes.  Still energetic after all these years, her band was a spirited group of: Three backing vocalists, and a four-part horn section that nearly stole the show with their dancing skills. Ross showcased them and the other members of her 12-person band in an extended instrumental solo that allowed her to leave the stage for quick costume changes. With way too many songs to cover during her time with the Supremes or her solo career, it was perplexing why she chose to do some cover tunes such as:”Why Do Fools Fall In Love” and “I Will Survive”? Hopefully she’ll return and do a greatest hits tour with the same band members who were super energetic and took the focus off Ross’ costumes multiple times.