The Science Of Rock N Roll Exhibition-June 11th-Oct.26th, 2014@Ontario Science Centre

By Bill Kwan
A special presentation is being held at level 6 of the Special Hall at The Ontario Science Centre  from June 11th-October 26th 2014 called “The Science Of Rock N Roll”.  People who are curious will wonder about the science behind rock ‘n’ roll and how technology shaped this multi-billion dollar industry.  It tries to show how musicians can  bring hundreds of thousands of screaming fans to their feet. Also the physiological effects rock has on the listener.  The days when bands, such as Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and Slayer, having bad press in the media for their lyrics siding with the dark side and getting blamed for isolated suicides of teenagers. Enough of the bad press and time to enjoy the spirit of what Rock music is all about….enjoyment, emotions and high octane energy! The Science Of Rock is an interactive exhibition that provides a new look at the history of Rock from the perspective of science and technology. How Rock music has shaped the tools of music and how these tools have changed music. Great  vintage posters of the likes of B.B. King, Little Richard and Nirvana are on display for the true “Rock Stars.”  There are multiple private booths such as a mini studio, vocal recording and electrical instrument booths to make the participant feel like they are actually involved in the making of music. On til the end of October, any music lover will enjoy the special presentation and interactive aspect of this showing.

The Science of Rock 'n' Roll