Megadeth – Sat July 19 2014 @ Casino Rama

by Bill Kwan

Megadeth played to a capacity crowd in the usually conservative srtage of Casino Rama. Once in a while this venue needs it’s foundation shaken up with a powerful dose of “Heavy Metal”. And all four members of the band were up to the task, giving the audience a rousing performance that put their ear plugs to the test.

Started in 1983-84 after his departure from Metallica, band leader Mustaine has stood the test of time. Megadeth is now considered one of the “Big Four” of Heavy Metal, right next to Metallica, Slayer, and Anthrax. We’ve seen the fads of Disco, Techno, Dance Music (to name a few) but this is a band that stands apart. Megadeth has Influenced so much of our pop culture their name is mentioned in multiple high profile movies; one such notable example being Wayne’s World, as Garth mentions his love for one of his favourite bands to the sultry Kim Basinger in a seductive dance scene.

All the best songs were covered in the set including; “Hagar 18” to start the set, Public Enemy No.1, Symphony of Destruction, Peace Sells and Holy Wars as one of the encores. The main stream music will always be showcased but it’s always a treat to see and hear a band that lasted over 30+ years and still plays to sold out audiences all over the world.

Fans rejoiced when Mustaine was handed a Canadian flag emblazoned with the name of Megadeth. The band leader showed his easy going side when he actually allowed one bold male fan to hop over the barricade and join him on stage for an “impromptu” meet & greet… though shortly to be concluded when the lucky individual had to be escorted off the stage to allow the music to resume.

Older and wiser, Mustaine may have mellowed with age, and even become a born again Christian, but his heart & soul remains with Heavy Metal and this doesn’t look to change any time soon. After the last song he thanked the crowd and played “air guitar” to Sid Vicious’, “My Way”.

Once a Rocker, always a Rockstar!! Hail to Dave Mustaine and the rest of Megadeth! We eagerly anticipate more of your non-conformist music in the years to come.

Set list (with Prince of Darkness as intro)

  1. Hangar 18
  2. Wake Up Dead
  3. In My Darkest Hour
  4. Set the World Afire
  5. Sweating Bullets
  6. She-Wolf
  7. Trust
  8. A Tout Le Monde
  9. Public Enemy No. 1
  10. Tornado of Souls
  11. Kingmaker
  12. Symphony of Destruction
  13. Peace Sells
  14. Encore:
  15. Holy Wars… The Punishment Due
  16. Silent Scorn
  17. My Way (Sid Vicious song)