Train – Fri July 18 2014 @ Fallsview Casino

by Bill Kwan

For Train’s concert at Fallsview Casino, fan participation was the order of the day. And to that effect, frontman Patrick Monahan really knew how to work the crowd. The San Francisco Pop & Rock band gained commercial success in 1988 with their first hit “Meet Virginia” with Monahan and Stafford as the founding members. The full roster includes;

Pat Monahan vocals
Jimmy Stafford guitar
Jerry Becker keyboards
Hector Maldonado bass
Drew Shoals drums

Monahan got the crowd going to the point where fans “rushed the stage”, pressing the very edge of the stage. Not to miss an opportunity, Monahan seized the frenzy, turning it into “Selfie Time”. Without flinching or missing a note, he was taking pictures with everyone shoving a cell phone or camera in his direction.

In the 90 minute set, Monahan showed his admiration for his peers with his rendition of led Zepplin’s “What Is and What Should never Be”. He even demonstrated his vocal range in Aerosmith’s “Dream On”. As expected, all the hist were covered that included; Calling All Angels, Drops Of Jupiter and Hey Soul Sister.

The highlight of the night for the fans was “Marry Me”, featuring a chorus of devoted fans singing along side Monahan as he gave the mic to the spirited fans to compliment his singing. Finally the women in the audience got a real treat as they jumped on stage with the band to perform “Mermaid”, leading to more selfies, more meet & greet opportunities, and another spontaneous round of fan participation. Monahan showed he doesn’t miss a beat when he continued taking selfies and eventually played a saxophone, all while mingling with the females on stage.

A fun night was had by all; singing along, dancing and the endless photo ops with Monahan. Whenever Train comes by again make sure you see this band, you’ll have your pals admiring (and maybe being envious of) your selfies with the band.