Honda Indy Party @ Hunters Landing, Fri July 18 2014


It’s a warm Friday evening, about 7:30pm, the sun is shining, and everyone seems to be in a festive mood. As I approach the venue, there’s an Indy car in front of the venue with a few sponsorship vehicles. I walk through the front being greeted by Hunter Landings greeting committee. They are a friendly group of individuals greeting all the guests with happy smiles. I move myself into the patio and take a quick look around.

There’s a crowd around the bar with the bartenders running around filling and mixing drinks. The conversation seems to linger around when the race car drivers will make their presence known. An attractive young lady makes a comment about how sexy race car drivers look in their cars. There are a few avid fans wearing their race car looking shirts, waiting patiently for a driver to show up.

On the stage the live band, Daylight for Dead Eyes is warming up with a song. The crowd looks up as the song pierces the air. The song ends and our driver show up. It’s Juan Montoya, part of Team Penske with seven Formula 1 wins. He’s very confident man but seems to have a fear of heights as he speaks of his experience up on Toronto’s CN Tower.

As the speeches end, the food vendors become busy, more drinks are ordered, and the patio gets busier. Everyone is having a great time!  Hunters Landing put on fun filled event. With the weather being so good, we hope that the weekend rain holds off as the drivers will have an early morning tomorrow for the start of race day! Good luck to all the drivers!