The Ochestra (E.L.O.) @ the C.N.E Bandshell, Sun Aug 24 2014

by Bill Kwan

The original leaders: Jeff Lynne and Bev Bevan are no longer with the new version of E.L.O. But in no way did that take away from the enjoyment of listen to all the hits of the multi-talented former members and new members of “The Orchestra”. And what a beautiful night it was for an outdoor concert concert it at the C.N.E. Bandshell.

While a bit scaled down from the days of E.L.O. heydays when “Out Of The Blue” tour came into town with the multi million dollar stage featuring a space ship, the fans didn’t mind on this warm August night as they were treated to a trimmed down version with only a one string player: violinist Mik Kaminski who was an E.L.O. member since 1973 and sporting his traditional blue violin. The other string section cello, stand up Bass and secondary dueling violins were present on this tour.

The set began with “Evil Woman” and the hits just kept on coming; Sweet Talking Woman, Hold On, All Over The World, Strange Magic and Can’t Get it Out of My Head, closing the set with an encore of “Don’t Bring me Down”.

Although not the fanfare of the E.L.O. elaborate set up of the late 70’s, Jeff Lynne may one day want to resurrect the ELO brand since he has the sole trademark of the name after former drummer Bev Bevan retired and has not indicated any intentions of returning. Lynne with all his music projects would still have a great following with his return and the trademark string section. It worked back in the days and I believe their signature sound could work today with a whole new audience.


The Orchestra is a rock band formed by former members of the Electric Light Orchestra and ELO Part II. It is the continuation of ELO Part II following Bev Bevan‘s departure and selling of the rights to Jeff Lynne.

Current members

  • Louis Clark – keyboards, orchestral arranger and conductor (2000–present) (from ELO and ELO Part II)
  • Eric Troyer – keyboards, vocals, guitar (2000–present) (from ELO Part II)
  • Mik Kaminski – violin (2000–present) (from ELO and ELO Part II)
  • Gordon Townsend – drums (2000–present)
  • Parthenon Huxley – guitar, vocals (2000–2007 and 2011 to present) (from ELO Part II)
  • Glen Burtnik – bass guitar, vocals (2009–present)

Set List;